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Conversion from kilometers per hour (km / h) to miles per hour (mph)

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Everyone in Germany knows the speed unit km / h, i.e. kilometers per hour. This unit is the standard for speed information in traffic, because distances are usually given in kilometers and time in hours. However, if you are traveling in the USA, you will always encounter the mile as a unit. One mile is exactly 1,609.344 meters. The speed miles / hour is then also defined with this unit of length. You can't always calculate this in your head. Please use our converter to calculate km / h to mph, have fun:

Basics for converting kilometers per hour (km / h) to miles per hour (mph)

The mile is a unit of length that is used in the USA and the United Kingdom (including Australia, New Zealand and Ireland). One mile is exactly 1,609.344 meters. Feel free to use our mile to kilometer converter to get a feel for the unit of length. There is hardly any need to describe kilometers per hour. Just the "h" in "km / h" would have to be explained, which is of course the sign for hours or "hour".

Formulas for converting between km / h and mph

If you are calculating between kilometers per hour and miles per hour, you will now find the formulas for both starting values.

Determine number of km / h from mph:
mph / 0.62137

Determine number of mph from km / h:
km / h * 0.62137

Summary table: How many miles per hour (mph) are how many km / h:

mphKm / h
1 mph => 1.61 km / h
10 mph => 16.09 km / h
30 mph => 48.27 km / h
50 mph => 80.45 km / h
70 mph => 112.65 km / h
90 mph => 144.84 km / h
100 mph => 160.90 km / h
110 mph => 177.03 km / h
120 mph => 193.08 km / h

Summary table: How many kilometers per hour (km / h) are how many miles per hour (mph):

km / hmph
1 km / h =>0.62 mph
10 km / h =>6.21 mph
30 km / h =>18.64 mph
50 km / h =>31.06 mph
70 km / h =>43.49 mph
90 km / h =>55.92 mph
100 km / h =>62.13 mph
120 km / h =>74.56 mph
140 km / h =>86.99 mph
160 km / h =>99.41 mph
180 km / h =>111.84 mph
200 km / h =>14.27 mph


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