How to make money by investing in stocks

Making Money With Stocks - How Does It Work?

That means:

You don't make money straight away - you focus on building up your wealth and reinvesting your profits.

The advantage:

Long-term investing has proven to be significantly more successful than short-term investment periods.

At the same time, it takes much less time.

And how do you still benefit from it?

You build up a financial security - and if you want, you can build up a passive income from your assets through dividends and still keep your money invested.

You have to pay attention to these 5 things

# 1 - You need to have the necessary knowledge before you invest your money in practice. There is no puppy protection on the stock exchange.

# 2 - You should only invest with money that you really have spare that you don't otherwise need.

# 3 - You need an investment strategy instead of investing haphazardly and by feeling. I have prepared 10 stock strategies for you.

# 4 - If you are a beginner (and also for professionals), ETFs are an ideal investment vehicle with which you can be relaxed and successful without expert knowledge.

# 5 - Find the investment method that works for you. If you want to sit in front of the PC all day, you need a different strategy than if you want to build up a functioning depot without you having to actively take care of it. (more about passive investing →)

Oh yes, and very important:

You are on the right track. 😉

Do not let yourself be dissuaded from this path.

Investing in stocks is the best thing you can do for your money instead of letting inflation devalue your account.

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