How To Make Cute Facebook Smileys Code

How do you make smileys on Facebook? - This is how the crying face works

With Facebook you can not only send various standard smileys such as a smiling or crying face quickly and easily, but also send hidden smileys or profile pictures or logos. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

How to make smileys on Facebook

On Facebook, you have the option of sending different smileys both in a chat and in a normal message.

  • When chatting, you have the advantage that you can insert a selection of smileys directly with two clicks. All you have to do is click on the smiling smiley in the lower right area of ​​the chat window and then select the desired smiley, for example the crying smiley (2nd row, third from the left). This will then be sent as soon as you send the respective chat message.
  • If you want to add smileys to a more normal Facebook message, you need to enter the appropriate character code. The character code corresponds to the standard codes that you can also use in many other chat protocols. For a smiling smiley you would have to enter ":)" or ":-)", for a sad one ":(" or ":-(" or for a crying smiley ": '(" (each without quotation marks).
  • If you do not know the respective character codes, you can find them out quickly and easily by either moving your mouse over a smiley that has already been sent to you or by clicking on a smiley in the chat window. In the first case you would be shown the respective character code, in the second case it would appear in the chat input field so that you could copy this right away.

Send profile pictures, logos and hidden smileys

  • In addition to the standard smileys, you can also send a few hidden smileys or symbols that you cannot call up directly via the chat window. For example, the character code ": |]" makes a robot, while "you could insert the Pacman symbol with": v ". There is also the character code" (^^^) "for a shark," <(" ) "for a penguin and": putnam: "for a human face.
  • A special function on Facebook is that you can quickly and easily send the respective profile picture or logo from every Facebook account. All you have to do is write the ID of the account in two square brackets, for example use "[[]] for the helpster Facebook account. Facebook then automatically uses this character code in the chat or in a normal message desired image.
  • You can find the right Facebook ID relatively easily by calling up the profile of the desired account. If the respective Facebook account uses a username, it is sufficient to write it in square brackets. This username would be displayed directly after "", for example with the helpster account it would be "". If the username is missing, which is only the case with old profiles, you would see the text "profile.php? Id =" after "". A number combination then appears behind it, which you have to put between the square brackets.

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