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Forbes list: This German player agent earned the most

It was suspected that advisors to sports stars would earn quite well. With transfer fees above the 100 million euro mark and annual fees of 30 million euros and more, that makes sense, something sticks with them too.

The magazine "Forbes" has shed light on the darkness, and consulting is actually worthwhile. It was to be expected that Jorge Mendes would end up high. The Portuguese represents his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo, whom he brokered from Real Madrid to Juventus Turin this summer for a transfer fee of 117 million euros.

But that was just one of many lucrative degrees. The 52-year-old Mendes signed contracts with a total value of 867 million euros this year through his agency Gestifute International. About ten percent of it remained for him, according to the report, he collected a total of 86.6 million euros.

But that doesn't mean he's the top earner in his guild. The American Scott Boras left Mendes behind. He already collected 90.6 million euros for his services this year. The Californian primarily mediates baseball players; his deals have so far had a total volume of 1.62 billion euros.

Struth is also a heavyweight internationally

Boras first achieved fame when he got Alex RodrĂ­guez a ten-year contract for $ 252 million with the Texas Rangers in 2001.

In the list of the world's best-paid consultants who specialize in footballers, alongside industry giants such as Mendes, Jonathan Barnett (including Gareth Bale, Jesse Lingard) and Mino Raiola (including Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic), there is also a German lively. Volker Struth, who operates from Cologne, takes fourth place in the international ranking of football consultants.

Struth represents professionals such as Toni Kroos, Marco Reus and Lars Stindl. "Forbes" attributes him income of 40 million euros. Second place from a German point of view is occupied by Thomas Kroth. The advisor to players such as Bayern’s Manuel Neuer