How to grow avocado trees in Georgia

Planting avocado: grow the avocado tree yourself

There are many people in Germany who love avocados and also like to keep them in their homes as a houseplant. You don't have to buy avocado trees from a nursery to do this.

Avocados are very easy to plant or pull yourself. In order for the avocado tree to thrive and look good, you should know a few tricks. That is why in this article I will tell you how to plant, prune and care for avocado trees. As an alternative to the text, you can also watch our video instructions (at the bottom).

How do I plant an avocado / avocado tree?

To plant an avocado yourself, you first need the core of an avocado. By the way, avocado trees that come from the black avocado from Mexico grow the most beautiful.

The pulp must be removed from the core, which is then brought to germinate further. Some recommend peeling off the brown (dead) shell, as it can get moldy when germinating.

I left the shell and used the core as it is. Below are two ways you can plant avocados. (As a foretaste, you can see my avocado tree in the next picture as it looks after about 4 years.)

Let the avocados germinate in a water glass

Many people pre-germinate the avocado seeds in a glass of water before planting them in a flower pot. With the water glass method, it is important that the round part of the core points downwards and the tip upwards, because this is where the seedling will come out.

In addition, only half the core should be under water and the tip should remain dry. To do this, you can carefully insert two toothpicks into the core (see illustration), which keep the position of the core stable.

The temperature should be around 20 ° C and the water level should be checked daily so that the core is always halfway in the water.

It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for the seedling to break open the shell and become visible. As soon as the seedling protrudes about 2-3 cm (see illustration on the right), you can put it and the seedling in a flower pot with potting soil.

Plant the avocado tree directly in the potting soil

You can also put the core directly into a flower pot with potting soil. Here, too, the round part of the core should protrude below the earth and the pointed part slightly protrude above the earth.

Likewise, the soil should always be kept slightly moist until the seedling becomes visible and begins to drive the first roots.

Otherwise, the conditions with regard to temperature and germination time are as described above - nothing changes here.

As soon as the germ becomes visible, it drives a pole-like root into the earth and then the avocado tree begins to grow rapidly.

By the way: The seedling feeds on the contents of the kernel for the first time. The larger the kernel, the longer the seedling can feed on it.

Tips: Maintain and cut the avocado / avocado tree

Water / fertilize the avocado tree properly

You should take into account that avocado trees grow in arid regions; i.e., as soon as the core takes root / is planted in the ground, you should only water it moderately. I only water it about once a week - that's enough. More avocado trees drowned than dried up. However, you should never let the earth dry out completely, because then the avocado tree will hang or lose the leaves. You do not need to fertilize the tree - it will grow slower, but the trunk will be stronger.

Light conditions for avocado trees

The avocado tree likes it very sunny, but also grows (more slowly) in darker rooms that only get early or evening sun. If the avocado tree receives too little light, it often develops leafless shoots without branching. In this case it will have a very long stem with a few leaves at the end. In this case it is advisable to cut it as follows.

Cut the avocado tree correctly

In order to get a bushy avocado tree, it is important to prune it a little repeatedly so that it branches out at the interfaces. You should do this at the beginning after about 3-4 months (see figure below).

When making the first cut, it is important not to set it too low. It should be cut off from a height of approx. 15 cm - however, several eyes should remain visible below in the trunk.

Since this limited the growth at the top, the avocado tree begins to sprout at the eyes or (in most cases) forms a fork at the cutting tip.

This pruning technique can also be used on older avocado trees that only have long (and almost leafless) trunks. But then move the tree to a sunnier place.

This cut seems a little radical at first, but after a few weeks the avocado tree sprouts again and becomes increasingly bushy (see illustration - approx. 3 months after the cut).

If your avocado tree grows too quickly, you should support the trunk (e.g. with a reed) - not fertilize - and limit the growth until the trunk can support the plant itself.

Tip: Avocado trees can also be put outside at a temperature of approx. 15 ° C during the day and 5 ° C at night. He cannot stand frost.

Put it in a place that only gets early or evening sun, because the leaves are still sensitive and could burn in the blazing midday sun.

If the avocado tree can withstand the temperature change, it will also grow more slowly, but it will become stronger (i.e. it will have a thicker trunk).

Video instructions: Grow the avocado tree yourself

Here are the instructions for growing your own avocado tree as a video.

When does the avocado tree get fruit?

If you want to harvest avocados from your own tree, you need a lot of patience. Because it will only produce fruit after about 7 to 15 years. Since a tree produces bisexual flowers, it can fertilize itself. Some recommend placing at least two trees in close proximity to each other in order to optimize fertilization.

You can pollinate by hand with a small brush or you can leave it outside to the bees.

That puts me at the end of my tips on planting, caring for, and pruning avocado trees, and I hope the information is useful.

Good luck with planting, cutting and maintaining your own avocado tree!

Andrea Munich