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Hello my dear book people: D,

My resolution for this year is to be more active on the blog and on my Instagram account. Let's see if it all works the way I imagine it to. As a first step, I would like to review all of the books I have finished reading on my SUB cart. So we come to a book that I found in the bookstore last year, packed it straight into the car and read it within a day.

Are my feelings real?

Blurb from the book:

What if you can remember everything but your feelings? This is the question Norah asks herself after a serious car accident. She remembers most of the moments in her life, but not what she felt. Does she like to read? Does she love her boyfriend? Does she really find her little sister so annoying? Only her sandpit friend Sam still associates her with a feeling. But they hadn't been in contact for years because Norah was popular and Sam wasn't. As the two slowly get closer, they develop a try-out list. And suddenly Norah wonders: Was she really herself before the accident? (Source: "When I close my eyes" by Ava Reed, Loewe Verlag, 1st edition)

My thoughts:

Norah was a typically popular girl who liked to be looked at and admired. But with the car accident everything changed for her, because she no longer knows how she felt about her memories. That means, for example, that she no longer knows whether she liked to eat tomato soup or not. I found it nice how it was shown that Norah experiences a lot again, that is, starts a new life, so to speak. I really liked the memories before the accident because Ava worked them into the plot very well. Not only the memories were very well incorporated, but also the chat excerpts (I love it when there are chat excerpts in books). At the beginning of each chapter there was a song that I listened to that matched the chapter and found the selection of songs also suitable for the plot in the respective chapter. The main characters were wonderfully described and I really liked them. I felt like I bonded with them and empathized with them. I found the bond between Norah and her parents really heartwarming and, above all, I often had to smile at a few dialogues between them. I also took Norah's sister Lu really deeply to my heart and found the relationship between the two very touching. I'm usually the kind of person who doesn't read Acknowledgments that often, but I think Ava Reed's Acknowledgment should be read because it is very important and also very nicely written. There is a quote in the book that touched me because there is such a wonderful and important message behind it. The quote is: "When I close my eyes ... I see myself" (p.294). With this message I started thinking about my own feelings and preferences. Ava addressed a topic with the book that was not expected at first (I will not go into it, though, because otherwise I spoil too much and I don't want to). After I finished the book, I first had to let it sag and think.


A very emotional and touching book, which also made me cry. I'm just thrilled with the book and can only recommend it to everyone. So far I have read “The Silence of My Words” and “Everything. Nothing. And a lot in between ”and I'm so happy that I bought this book too. I'm in love and could only rave about the book.

5 out of 5 paws

Your Celina.

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