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Restless roots

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Hello together!

Hope you're doing well and you got to choose some moments to enjoy the good things in life 😉

At this point you’d usually get to read everything that’s happened here over the past week, but today I want to make this about you… or rather I need some help and your valued opinion!

These past couple of month have turned things up side down and values ​​and priorities have shifted for many of us.

Some of you are following us here to join us on our journey, but I have received some messages with people who've “stumbled” across our site by “accident”, referral or of course from us being published in Mother Earth news last year .

These people are contacting us for different reasons, but all have one main question in common "We would like to live off the grid too, but don’t know where to start?"

I am actually just learning how to build online courses and planned on starting with a completely different topic. It never even occurred to me to do something like this based on our experience in the off grid living sector, but now all these messages got me thinking.

And this is where I need your help and a couple of minutes of your time if you're up to it ...

First of all if you’d just let me know in this poll if this would be a topic of interest in general for you or someone you know:

And if there is something you’d be more interested in, would you please check the box

And last but not least ...

So, as you can see this blog is a bit different than usually, but maybe we can start to make it a bit more about “you” and what you're interested in… ..what do you think?

No worries, for those of you who just want to “go on the ride” with us… .there’s always going to be a new adventure around the corner I can wait to share with you 😉

Thanks so much for taking your time and helping me on this 🙂 !!

So until next time I wish you only the best, enjoy the beautiful late summer days, stay safe and take care!

Thanks so much for stopping by and only the best from us to you - your restless-roots

German version

Sept. 13, 2020 - Do you dream of a life away from everything in the forest?

Hello everybody,

I hope that you are well and that you have come to see and enjoy the beautiful things in life in between 😉

Normally at this point you would get a look back at what was going on here in the past week, but today I would like to tackle the topic from your side and I need your help and your views!

In the past few months the world has actually been turned upside down for all of us, or at least has fallen apart.

Some of you have been accompanying us on our way for years, but now we have also received messages from people who happened to come to our site, were recommended by friends, or still to us through the publication of our story in “Mother Earth News ”last year.

These people have all contacted us for a variety of reasons, but they all had one question in common: "We'd like to live like you, but have no idea how to start?"

I am actually in the process of completing courses to learn how to create and give online courses and I had already set myself up for a very specific topic. I don't even dream that our experiences over the last few years here in the off-grid sector could be of interest to anyone, but this news got me thinking.

And now we come to the point where I want your help and a few minutes of your time if I may ...

First of all, I would like to know whether this topic would be of interest to you at all, or to someone you know:

If so….

And finally..

As you can see, this blog is really a bit different than usual, but, maybe. can I start to “redesign” it a little, so that topics that interest you are also dealt with ... or what do you think?

And don't worry ... for those of you who just want to continue "on the journey" with us ... there will always be some little adventure or bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps that happen to us here, waiting for you 😉

So, then I'll come to the end, thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by us again… ..because if you didn't exist, there wouldn't be a blog 🙂

Take care until the next time, don't let life get you down and enjoy the last beautiful summer days.

Only the best of us about you - your restless roots

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