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Indian Railways introduces SMS service to keep passengers apprised about their train journey

People traveling by trains now need not wait for hours at the platform waiting for their trains to arrive. Indian Railways has introduced an SMS service that will keep passengers updated on everything from confirmation of berth to travel status of trains on a real-time basis.

The Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) plays a crucial role in providing this SMS service. CRIS projects cover a gamut of functions of the Indian Railways like passenger ticketing, freight services, train dispatching and control, management of railways, etc.

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Not only will this service alert travelers if the train is running late or is on time, but it will also alert them to trains getting canceled so that they can make alternate arrangements.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted on 04 August regarding this new service, “SMS service makes train journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Railways ’SMS service alerts passengers in advance about the change in their booking status, delay or cancellation of trains."



Goyal in his tweet has also put up a video showcasing the features.

SMS service से train journey अब हुई और भी सुविधाजनक व सुखद: Railways' SMS service alerts passengers in advance about the change in their booking status, delay or cancellation of trains.

Watch what all does the service entail and how is it keeping the passengers informed. pic.twitter.com/T4AZkve3nQ

- Piyush Goyal (@PiyushGoyal) August 5, 2019

Information shared via this service include:
1. Pre-chart SMS alert: Five days before the journey (in case of change of reservation status).
2. Post chart SMS alert: Immediately after chart preparation (in case of ticket status change).
3. Reschedule: If a train is rescheduled by more than 20 mins at the source.
4. Cancellation: In the case of cancellation of a train.
5. Delay: In case of delay of more than an hour.
6. Restoration: In case of delay of more than an hour. (This means that passengers will be informed if the train has made up some time in case the train is delayed. For example, if the train has been running late by two hours but midway it covers ground and is now only an hour late.)
7. Diversion: In case of any diversion due to some technical issue or natural calamity.
8. Short termination: In case of technical issue.
9. Confirmation of reservation: From Waiting List / RAC status to a confirmed seat or berth.
10. Alerts a passenger that he / she is about to reach his / her destination thus ensuring he / she does not miss getting off at the desired location.

What a passenger needs to do to avail this service:
1. A passenger needs to provide his mobile phone number while filling up the reservation form while booking the ticket. This can also be done while booking online via the IRCTC website.
2. Both the passenger’s phone number and PNR are fed into the SMS service system.

Updated Date: August 09, 2019 12:19:10 PM IST