Who makes Burman's mustard

Who we are .. Who are we? Why are we addicted?

The Company se: nfsucht is a small Styrian family business that has discovered a love for the mustard caviar product and wants to share it with others. Mustard caviar is a whole grain mustard in a creamy vinegar marinade, produced using the cold process, so all the valuable ingredients of the mustard seeds and all other ingredients are retained. In contrast to conventional types of mustard, mustard caviar is not ground, the mustard seeds remain whole and create a wonderful bite experience that releases different flavors.

There at se: nfsucht The longing for regionality, originality and closeness to nature is an important aspect, the 10 whole grain mustard creations were not only developed with the help of the entire family, but also in cooperation with the vinegar and mustard manufacturer Fischerauer in Pischlsdorf. So here two pleasure-loving companies have added their mustard, in the truest sense of the word, and created the finest taste experiences. Of course, only natural ingredients are used. Styrian influences and regional products set the tone, but a Mediterranean note also comes into its own. The results range from mild and rounded to spicy and hot, from fruity and sweet to smoky and intense.

Your next barbecue party could benefit from the innovative whole grain mustard from the Fuchs family. Let yourself be convinced - or even se: addicted do!