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Hannelore Mabry, a Munich feminist and editor of the magazine "Der Feminist", in 1987 in the "Spiegel" magazine emphasized the statement that she had a group of non-feminist women not as assholes, but as Assholes designated.

During my attempts to learn German properly, I came across this page, which has a section on politically correct language that is worth reading. I am quoting excerpts.


In the academic environment is also used as a generic plural the students common. Such constructions are primarily insisted on by people who have not understood that gender and sex have very little to do with one another in German (the supervisor, the temporary worker, the drone, the hostage)

How ridiculous the term Students becomes clear when it is combined with a present participle. One can not say: Beer-drinking students sit in the pub. And after a massacre at a university, it's hard to say: "we mourn our dead students".

man, man and man

Old High German man denotes a person regardless of gender; the gender equivalents are who for males (obtained in werewolf) and quina (received in queen) for female people.

Through the formula man / woman will people of the female sex from the by man group - which is just as useful as speaking of People and women.

"human" - Supposedly did Mrs instead of man replaced and is even more meschugger, yes almost stupid. (Eckhard Henscheid: stupid German).

However, neither is splendid of Mr derived still stupid of lady

Language feminism in a dead end

If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend the page Language Feminism in the Dead End by Arthur Brühlmeier, where, among other things, the following pearl of the Basel health department (sic!) finds:

Even the mildest and most common form of separating a 'role of bearing responsibility' (doctor) from a 'role of trusting and submitting to oneself' (patient) reduces the self-responsibility with which the patient makes decisions in relation to his / her health. This makes the der advising doctor ’the decisive doctor’. In certain situations, the patient and doctor naturally have no other choice (for example, emergency treatment for an unconscious person).

In spite of their best efforts, the authors failed to realize that it is of course "of an unconscious " should be called.

Another pearl describes the difficulty of compound nouns such as "Teacher supervisor " to formulate politically correct. Here you have to have both parts, namely "Teacher" and "supervisor"express both masculine and feminine, resulting in four combinations.

A future teacher supervisor should also have been a proven student advisor beforehand.

In addition to these artificially created inconveniences, there is probably the most profound disadvantage of language-feminist claims, namely the impossibility of expressing certain connections in a logically correct manner.

In a psychiatrist's finding that he was surprised "that the gunman was a woman"can"Gunman"neither through"Gunman"replaced, although it was a woman, the feminist understanding of the term is still allowed to be interpreted as male"Gunman"to be understood as male. The sentence"Women are the more sensible drivers"encounters the same problems.

These difficulties lead to the fact that many writers have gone over to simply not mentioning human functionaries anymore, but this leads to an increasingly abstract language. For example, the simple sentence "The teachers should practice more with the students again"transform into a statement"It is the task of the school to consolidate the cultural techniques through targeted repetitions."


You can turn it around as you want: politically correct German is bad German. If the motto of an organization is to designate functionaries as gender-neutral, then this always implies the thesis "good German is not important to us". This sounds particularly strange in connection with job postings at a university, especially when it comes to German studies.