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# SOME DESCRIPTIVE TITLE.# Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc.# This file is distributed under the same license as the mc package.## Translators:# Atha Translate, 2016# cheese , 2016# Ettore Atalan , 2015-2021# Fabian Affolter , 2012-2013# Johannes Hellmuth , 2020# Karsten , 2016# Larson March , 2016# Mr.Update, 2019-2020# Slow Rider, 2015,2018# Slava Zanko , 2011# username , 2011# valsu , 2016# Yury V. Zaytsev , 2016msgid ""msgstr """Project-Id-Version: Midnight Commander \ n""Report-Msgid-Bugs-To:\n""POT creation date: 2021-03-14 19:59 + 0300 \ n""PO revision date: 2021-01-01 17: 46 + 0000 \ n""Last translator: Ettore Atalan \ n""Language-Team: German (\n""Language: de \ n""MIME version: 1.0 \ n""Content-Type: text / plain; charset = UTF-8 \ n""Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit \ n""Plural forms: nplurals = 2; plural = (n! = 1); \ n"# "Plural forms: nplurals = INTEGER; plural = EXPRESSION; \ n"msgid "Warning: cannot load codepages list"msgstr "Warning: Cannot load character set table"msgid "7-bit ASCII"msgstr "7-bit ASCII"#, c formatmsgid "Cannot translate from% s to% s"msgstr "Cannot translate file from% s to% s"msgid "Event system already initialized"msgstr "event system already initialized"msgid "Failed to initialize event system"msgstr "Error initializing the event system"msgid "Event system not initialized"msgstr "event system not initialized"msgid "Check input data! Some of parameters are NULL!"msgid "Check the input data! Some parameters are EMPTY!"#, c formatmsgid "Unable to create group '% s' for events!"msgid "Cannot create event group '% s'!"#, c formatmsgid "Unable to create event '% s'!"msgid "Cannot create event '% s'!"#, c formatmsgid """File \"% s \ "is already being edited. \ N""User:% s \ n""Process ID:% d"msgstr """The file \"% s \ "is already being processed. \ N""User:% s \ n""Process ID:% d"msgid "File locked"msgstr "The file is currently locked"msgid "& Grab lock"msgid "lock & unlock"msgid "& Ignore lock"msgid "lock & ignore"#, c formatmsgid "Cannot create% s directory"msgid "Cannot create directory% s"msgid "FATAL: not a directory:"msgstr "FATAL: no directory:"msgid """Number out of range (should be in byte range, 0 <= n <= 0xFF, expressed in""hex)"msgstr """Number out of range (should be in the byte range, 0 <= n <= 0xFF,""expressed in hex)"msgid "Invalid character"msgstr "Invalid character"msgid "Unmatched quotes character"msgstr "Mismatched quotation marks"#, c formatmsgid """Hex pattern error at position% d: \ n""% s."msgstr """Hex pattern error at position% d: \ n""% s."msgid "Search string not found"msgstr "Search string not found"msgid "Not implemented yet"msgstr "Not yet implemented"msgid "Num of replace tokens not equal to num of found tokens"msgstr """Number of characters to be replaced is not the same as the number of characters found""Character"#, c formatmsgid "Invalid token number% d"msgstr "Invalid character number% d"msgid "Regular expression error"msgid "error in regular expression"msgid "No & rmal"