How to re-emerge a bathtub with rustoleum

Cleaning the bathtub - this is how it works

As nice as a cozy full bath is, cleaning the bathtub is usually far less enjoyable. However, there are some tried and true home remedies that you can use to restore your bathtub to shine without cleaning yourself up.

Cleaning the bathtub

Regardless of whether you want to clean a steel enamel bathtub or a sanitary acrylic bathtub, the following applies to both: When cleaning, do not use any abrasives or sponges with an abrasive surface. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that small scratches appear on the surface of the bathtub, in which dirt and limescale can be deposited. And that ultimately means even more cleaning work for you.

  • As a home remedy for lime, vinegar or lemon have always proven to be very effective. It is also worthwhile for other stains if you rub over them properly with half a lemon or alternatively half an orange. If that is too troublesome for you, simply use the commercially available citric acids. If the lime is very stubborn, just let the lemon soak in a little before rinsing the tub.
  • A universal cleaning agent, which is also popular for minor injuries, is ecologically degradable and very inexpensive, is soft soap. Simply rub it into the bathtub, let it work a little and then rinse off.
  • If the bathtub is extremely dirty, your work will be made much easier if you fill the tub with water and then add washing powder. Leave it on overnight. In the morning, rinse the bathtub well and then clean again depending on the situation.
  • In addition to cleaning, you should also polish the bathtub at regular intervals to remove minor scratches from the surface of the bathtub. In the meantime, there are practical combination products for this, with the help of which you can save yourself a work step. These combination products combine both cleaning and polishing paste. The cleaning and polishing paste is available for both acrylic bathtubs and steel-enameled bathtubs.

Failure to clean your tub or shower regularly can quickly clog the drain. In our next post, learn how to deal with your clogged shower most effectively.