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In this table, lengths from 1 to 100 inches are converted into centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm) and meters (m) and can therefore be read off quickly for various purposes. However, it is important to note that for customs information in the heating, water and sanitary areas, a different conversion between inches and millimeters applies than that given here. This mainly applies to pipes, threads and connections.

Our calculator on this page is primarily intended for converting customs values ​​such as for computer monitors, laptops / notebooks, tablets, smartphones, televisions, clothing, tires, rims and much more. This makes it possible to quickly or directly read how large various devices from the technical area are in a unit of measurement that is easily comprehensible for us, such as millimeters, centimeters or meters.

Online calculator inches to centimeters and millimeters

Measure technical devices and other products correctly

For TV sets, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and so on, the dimensions are usually about the screen diagonal. That is not always cheap, as conditions here change over time.

Whereas in the past televisions were almost always produced in 4: 3 format, for some years now it has been 16: 9 and most recently 15:10 or 16:10 formats that bring the cinema experience home. The screen diagonal does not really say anything about the dimensions of height and width, but only about the screen size. So what is the distance from the lower left corner of the screen to the upper right corner. Or the other way around from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

Especially with monitors for the computer or a laptop, the proportions of width and length vary. Before buying, you should not only pay attention to whether the notebook is a 13, 14 or 15 inch device, but also the dimensions in general. The same applies to screens for PCs.

This is much easier with rims and wheels. For example, a 17 inch rim is almost exactly 43 centimeters in diameter. And a 28 inch wheel 71 centimeters.

Table with conversion between inches and millimeters, centimeters and meters

InchCentimeter (cm)Millimeter (mm)Meter (m)
1″2.54 cm25.4 mm0.0254 m
2″5.08 cm50.8 mm0.0508 m
3″7.62 cm76.2 mm0.0762 m
4″10.16 cm101.6 mm0.1016 m
5″12.70 cm127.0 mm0.1270 m
6″15.24 cm152.4 mm0.1524 m
7″17.78 cm177.8 mm0.1778 m
8″20.32 cm203.2 mm0.2032 m
9″22.86 cm228.6 mm0.2286 m
10″25.40 cm254.0 mm0.2540 m
11″27.94 cm279.4 mm0.2794 m
12″30.48 cm304.8 mm0.3048 m
13″33.02 cm330.2 mm0.3302 m
14″35.56 cm355.6 mm0.3556 m
15″38.10 cm381.0 mm0.3810 m
16″40.64 cm406.4 mm0.4064 m
17″43.18 cm431.8 mm0.4318 m
18″45.72 cm457.2 mm0.4572 m
19″48.26 cm482.6 mm0.4826 m
20″50.80 cm508.0 mm0.5080 m
21″53.34 cm533.4 mm0.5334 m
22″55.88 cm558.8 mm0.5588 m
23″58.42 cm584.2 mm0.5842 m
24″60.96 cm609.6 mm0.6096 m
25″63.50 cm635.0 mm0.6350 m
26″66.04 cm660.4 mm0.6604 m
27″68.58 cm685.8 mm0.6858 m
28″71.12 cm711.2 mm0.7112 m
29″73.66 cm736.6 mm0.7366 m
30″76.20 cm762.0 mm0.7620 m
31″78.74 cm787.4 mm0.7874 m
32″81.28 cm812.8 mm0.8128 m
33″83.82 cm838.2 mm0.8382 m
34″86.36 cm863.6 mm0.8636 m
35″88.90 cm889.0 mm0.8890 m
36″91.44 cm914.4 mm0.9144 m
37″93.98 cm939.8 mm0.9398 m
38″96.52 cm965.2 mm0.9652 m
39″99.06 cm990.6 mm0.9906 m
40″101.60 cm1016.0 mm1.0160 m
41″104.14 cm1041.4 mm1.0414 m
42″106.68 cm1066.8 mm1.0668 m
43″109.22 cm1092.2 mm1.0922 m
44″111.76 cm1117.6 mm1.1176 m
45″114.30 cm1143.0 mm1.1430 m
46″116.84 cm1168.4 mm1.1684 m
47″119.38 cm1193.8 mm1.1938 m
48″121.92 cm1219.2 mm1.2192 m
49″124.46 cm1244.6 mm1.2446 m
50″127.00 cm1270.0 mm1.2700 m
51″129.54 cm1295.4 mm1.2954 m
52″132.08 cm1320.8 mm1.3208 m
53″134.62 cm1346.2 mm1.3462 m
54″137.16 cm1371.6 mm1.3716 m
55″139.70 cm1397.0 mm1.3970 m
56″142.24 cm1422.4 mm1.4224 m
57″144.78 cm1447.8 mm1.4478 m
58″147.32 cm1473.2 mm1.4732 m
59″149.86 cm1498.6 mm1.4986 m
60″152.40 cm1524.0 mm1.5240 m
61″154.94 cm1549.4 mm1.5494 m
62″157.48 cm1574.8 mm1.5748 m
63″160.02 cm1600.2 mm1.6002 m
64″162.56 cm1625.6 mm1.6256 m
65″165.10 cm1651.0 mm1.6510 m
66″167.64 cm1676.4 mm1.6764 m
67″170.18 cm1701.8 mm1.7018 m
68″172.72 cm1727.2 mm1.7272 m
69″175.26 cm1752.6 mm1.7526 m
70″177.80 cm1778.0 mm1.7780 m
71″180.34 cm1803.4 mm1.8034 m
72″182.88 cm1828.8 mm1.8288 m
73″185.42 cm1854.2 mm1.8542 m
74″187.96 cm1879.6 mm1,8796 m
75″190.50 cm1905.0 mm1.9050 m
76″193.04 cm1930.4 mm1.9304 m
77″195.58 cm1955.8 mm1.9558 m
78″198.12 cm1981.2 mm1.9812 m
79″200.66 cm2006.6 mm2.0066 m
80″203.20 cm2032.0 mm2.0320 m
81″205.74 cm2057.4 mm2.0574 m
82″208.28 cm2082.8 mm2.0828 m
83″210.82 cm2108.2 mm2,1082 m
84″213.36 cm2133.6 mm2.1336 m
85″215.90 cm2159.0 mm2.1590 m
86″218.44 cm2184.4 mm2.1844 m
87″220.98 cm2209.8 mm2.2098 m
88″223.52 cm2235.2 mm2.2352 m
89″226.06 cm2260.6 mm2.2606 m
90″228.60 cm2286.0 mm2.2860 m
91″231.14 cm2311.4 mm2.3114 m
92″233.68 cm2336.8 mm2,3368 m
93″236.22 cm2362.2 mm2.3622 m
94″238.76 cm2387.6 mm2.3876 m
95″241.30 cm2413.0 mm2.4130 m
96″243.84 cm2438.4 mm2.4384 m
97″246.38 cm2463.8 mm2.4638 m
98″248.92 cm2489.2 mm2.4892 m
99″251.46 cm2514.6 mm2.5146 m
100″254.00 cm2540.0 mm2.5400 m