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Calculate mean / mean (arithmetic mean)

You can learn what is meant by the average or mean value here. Let's look at this:

  • A Explanationwhat you need the mean for and how to calculate it.
  • Examples with numbers for better understanding.
  • Tasks / exercises so that you can practice this yourself.
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Tip: We'll look at how to calculate the average in a moment. Ultimately, a simple fraction has to be calculated. If you don't know anything about fractions, you are welcome to take a look at fractions first.

Explanation of mean / average

When we talk about average or mean, we mean the arithmetic mean. I mention this in detail here, because there are other types of mean values, which of course are calculated in different ways.

What do you need the average for? For example in school: It is possible to compare the grades for a single subject, for example which grades in mathematics each got. But if you want to see how good students are overall, it is better to compare the entire report. The average, or in this case the average grade, is one way of doing this.

How to calculate the average (also called the mean):


The average is obtained by adding up all the individual values ​​and dividing by the number of values.

Formula average:

There are numerous representations for the formula. You can see a typical variant in the next graphic.

  • The average is represented by an x ​​with a line above it (symbol).
  • To calculate this, add the individual values ​​(a1 to an).
  • This is divided by the number of values ​​(n).

The formula can also be represented in this form (with summation symbols):


Examples Calculate mean / average

Let's look at some examples of how to calculate the mean.

Example 1: Two numbers

What is the average of the numbers 4 and 12?


We have two numbers for which the mean should be calculated. Therefore the denominator of the formula is 2. In the numerator we add 4 and 12.

The average of 14 and 4 is 8.

Example 2: Calculate the grade point average

The aim is to calculate the average of grades for a selection of subjects. Specifically, it is these notes:

  • German: 2
  • English: 3
  • Math: 3
  • Biology: 2
  • Chemistry: 4
  • Physics: 5
  • Sport: 1

What is the average grade for these subjects?


We add up all the notes in the numerator of the formula. This is 7 notes, so we divide by 7.

The grade point average is thus around 2.857.

Example 3: height

We have a small group of people and we know their height. Calculate how tall these people are on average.

  • Marc is 1.82 m tall.
  • Anne is 1.68 m tall.
  • Bernd is 1.73 m tall.


We add up the three body sizes and divide by 3.

The average height of these three people is around 1,743 meters.

Calculate the average of tasks / exercises


Video mean

Explanation and examples

The next video includes these topics:

  • What is the mean / mean?
  • Which formula or equation do you use for this?
  • An example with jumping distances.
  • Another example with an average salary.

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Average questions with answers

This section deals with typical questions about the mean or mean.

Q: Where can I find more information on this topic?

A: In addition to the mean, there is further content on statistics and the calculation of probability:

Q: When is this topic covered in school?

A: The mean value is usually dealt with in school from the 6th grade onwards (in rare cases also in the 5th grade). However, the topic also accompanies many students up to their Abitur (if they do their Abitur).