Anthony Wutoh Howard University

Anthony K. Wutoh, Ph.D., R.Ph. is the Provost of Howard University. He previously served in various roles at the University including as Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Assistant Provost for International Programs. Dr. Wutoh has also served as Director for the Center for Minority Health Services Research, and the Center of Excellence.

Dr. Wutoh received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1987. He then completed a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy Administration (Pharmacoepidemiology) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Pharmacy. Dr. Wutoh has varied research interests including pharmacoepidemiology, international health, health services / outcomes research, and evaluation of large population databases, particularly in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAIDS and HIV infection in older patients. Dr. Wutoh has received over $ 50 million dollars in grant funding from several sources including; NIH, CDC, USAID, HRSA, AHRQ and foundations, and has published numerous research articles on HIV disease, medication adherence, disease state management, and various other topics in respected research journals, including; the Journal of the American Medical Association, Health Services Research, AIDS & Behavior, the Journal of the National Medical Association, and the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association.

Dr. Wutoh has led, and participated in various international programs including sponsored projects (USAID, CDC, PEPFAR, etc.) in Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, etc. Dr. Wutoh has been a practicing pharmacist in Maryland since 1990 and has worked in various settings including hospital, retail, consulting, and community pharmacy, as well as academia. In 1993, He served as a policy internally with the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging where he was directed with evaluation of the economic impact of health care reform on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. His other areas of interest and expertise include minority access to novel medical therapies, medication compliance, post-marketing assessment, clinical trial protocol and evaluation, survival analyzes, and the role of stress in the functioning of health care professionals. He is also the recipient of various awards and acclamations including the 1998 Excellence Award for Professor in the Division of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences, and the 2007 Distinguished Faculty Award from the Howard University Pharmacy Alumni Association.

Dr. Wutoh is married to Rita Wutoh, MD, MPH, and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Nadya and Niya.