How to make a brochure on chart paper

Create a brochure10 tips for writing an advertising brochure

Emphasize the benefits and benefits of your product, not its properties. When naming the properties, you are simply describing how a product works and what it looks like. However, what counts for the customer is the benefit. So make it clear to the reader what your product can do for them. Stick to the FAB formula:

  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Benefits

An example: airbags are present in almost every car (feature). They make driving safer (Advantage). This in turn protects the inmates and can save lives (benefit).

If you really don't know why people should buy your product, ask. Either in informal discussions with customers or by means of questionnaires. This will help you find out the value proposition that you should definitely highlight in the brochure. Above all, emphasize product advantages that distinguish you from other providers and make them unique in the eyes of customers.