Aiebao baby carrier instructions how to tie

How to tie a groin injury

  • Place one end of the elastic bandage on the inside of one thigh. Wrap it around the outside of the thigh until it is completely covered.

  • Pull the bandage a little tighter and move it towards your waist-high back. Wrap the rest of the bandage diagonally around the stomach so that it meets the thigh again.

  • Wrap the bandage around your thigh again and return to your stomach and back. Basically, you'll make a figure eight-shaped pattern by wrapping the bandage around your thighs, stomach, and back. Follow the same pattern until you reach the end of the bandage.

  • Open the zinc oxide binding roller and place it on the side of your thigh, just above where you started binding. Wrap the bandage around your thigh, making sure it stays on your thigh.

  • Repeat the previous movement, moving the bandage back from the thigh, then to the abdomen, and back to the thigh. Wrap the bandage in these areas until you reach the end of the roll.