Re-thread the curtain tape as you use it

Curtain tape

The curtain tape brings your curtain into shape

Would you like folds or completely smooth like with panel curtains?
Or do you like the shape “One fold next to the other”, or this shape “1 fold then a few centimeters apart and then the next fold”, as in the “Flemish fold” or do you want your curtain in a wave shape, with the wavy ribbon .

As you can see, there are innumerable ways to shape your curtain and that is largely determined by the pleated tape (curtain tape).
There are countless pleated tapes from different companies, each of which gives your curtain a different shape.

The waveband is very modern today. That usually also needs a special curtain rail so that it comes into its own.

The type of pleated tape you can use also depends on the type of curtain fabric.
For a heavy velvet fabric or a lined, moltoned linen fabric you need different folds than for a light, fragrant voile.