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Shimeji-ee Desktop Petfor Windows

Our take

Simply put, Shimeji Ee is a Windows customization software program that lets users add cute animations as "partners" on the screen. If you need to spend a good amount of time in front of your PC, this program can be an excellent addition. You just use the tutorials and instruction guides to get started without any hassle.

Should you download it?

Compared to other Windows personalization tools like Lively wallpaper, Rainmeter, and Classic Shell, this one offers a simpler interface. After installing the app, you get only two characters. However, the open-source project gives access to plenty of customization options, adorable characters, etc

If you want to make the interactions more fun, you can use XML files. With basic programming knowledge, you can personalize the program however you want. Shimeji Ee download is a good choice for Windows PCs to keep users entertained and engaged.