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Washi Tape / PUNDY was founded in 1990. In the early stages of our business we mainly focused on printing.

Washi Tape Supplier | PUNDY

Based in Taiwan, PUNDY has been a Washi Tape | since 1990 Gold Printing Award office supplies, office leather, paper products supplier.

PUNDY offers a wide range of stationery, bulk and custom made items, including leather items (card, passport and ID holders), recycled notebooks, washi tapes, decorative tapes, spiral pads, diaries, office supplies and much more to meet market demands .

The lightweight, user-friendly, Gold Printing Award-winning binder notebook and fashionable washi tape are tailored to your requirements.

We accept orders for custom products such as diaries, notebooks, file folders, pens, gift boxes, and other leather products.

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