How to clean a pebble wall

How to clean a velor couch

It has already happened, a stain on the couch, be it the color of the jeans that is squeezing through, or a little mishap, a stain developed quickly, and now?
The stain should of course get out of the sofa again, after all, the piece of furniture cost money and should stay beautiful, who wants to have dirty things at home?

But before you just start cleaning, you should consider a few things.
Different textiles also require their own cleaning processes so that the owners stay beautiful.

So in this post it should be, as can be seen from the heading, specifically about cleaning a velor couch.

What is velor?

Velor comes from French and means velvet.

The velor couch is, in good German, a velvet sofa. However, velor should not be confused with velvet.
Basically the pile length makes the difference.Pile describes the thread systems (surface properties) that run perpendicular to the surface.
With velvet this is very short.

Depending on how long the pile is, the surface also changes.
The velor sofa can have different looks and properties, depending on how it is made.
The longer the pile, the fluffier the surface will be.

With a pile height up to two millimeters one speaks of velvet,
between two and four millimeters is it Velor and at higher The pile is about Plush.

For example, the velor couch can be soft, plush, rough or velvety.

The following types of velor are available

  • velvet
  • Mirror velvet (as this shines particularly)
  • Plush (especially soft)
  • Suede (real leather or synthetic leather)
  • Microvelours (mostly known from bed linen)

Everyday care for velor furniture

Caring for a velor couch includes regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner and a soft upholstery nozzle.

Encrustations, dust or dry dirt on the velvet sofa can be brushed out in the direction of the stroke using a soft clothes brush.
In addition, it is advisable to rub the surface regularly with damp leather (also in the direction of the stroke).

The cleaning

Before cleaning, the first thing to do is to check the color fastness,
To do this, a test cleaning is carried out on an inconspicuous area to check whether the color of the couch is peeling off.

If this is not the case, then nothing stands in the way of further cleaning.

If the paint should come off, care must be taken to clean it carefully and gently.
The best thing to do is to try it by hand only with cold water.

If the cover is removable, for example on a cushion, you can pull it off and clean it according to the instructions on the label,
In the best case, it can be put in the washing machine and cleaned thoroughly.

The following process has proven itself

  1. Vacuum the couch, making sure you have a clean brush
  2. Brush the surface with a soft brush in the direction of the stroke
  3. Spray with water or with a gentle cleaner (DO NOT spray the couch, but the cloth!)
  4. Make sure to use as little liquid as possible
  5. Clean generously and over the entire surface to avoid stains
  6. Brush again in the direction of the grain with a soft brush
  7. Let it dry completely

If you are unsure whether the couch is colourfast, you should consult a professional!

Cleaning with a steam cleaner


The following points should be met in order to carry out cleaning with a steam cleaner.

  • the cover fabrics are insensitive to temperature
  • You are using an adjustable steam cleaner
  • You are using a fabric-covered steam wand

The cover fabrics should always be checked to see whether they are temperature-resistant!
Here, too, it is advisable to test first on an invisible place.

With adjustable steam cleaners, start with a low temperature and amount of water,
to then "slowly feel your way forward".

A selection of steam cleaners can be found here.

Basic cleaning

If the couch or the sofa is already getting a little old and you would like to carry out a thorough cleaning of the velor couch,
and the couch does not turn out to be colourfast when using a steam cleaner, we would advise you to hire a professional.