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How do you make the at sign on Windows?


It's not just for entering email addresses that you need to know how to create the @ sign in Windows. Because it is also very useful when working with chats or within the intranet if you use the symbol to be able to assign messages and tasks.

It's that easy to create the at sign on Windows

There are different variants that you can use to insert the special character under Windows:
  1. The key combination: By holding down the key combination of Alt + Ctrl and then pressing the letter Q, you get the @ sign.
  2. Choose from the overview: Most e-mail providers offer you an overview of the special characters. For this you will find a small button below the keyboard display. You have to press it. You will then receive an overview of your options.
  3. For mobile devices: If you want to insert the @ sign with your tablet or smartphone, you must first display the keyboard. You will then see a button labeled 123. By pressing on it, you will be given the option to have all the special characters shown to you. The @ sign can be found directly below the number 1.

Work faster with copy & paste

If you want to enter several e-mail addresses or want to use the @ sign more often, then it is recommended that you copy it. This allows you to simply paste it over and over again without having to resort to keyboard shortcuts or the like.

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