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At the Registry office.

Man: "I want to have my name changed."

Official: "It's not that easy."

Man: "Why not?"

Official: "Yes, everyone would come ..."

Man: "But I have to have my name changed."

Official: "Well, before we continue arguing here, tell me what your name is first."

Man: "Fritz Ficker."

Official: "Oh God, of course, of course, sorry. Of course we will change this name!"

Man: "Thank you!"

Official: "What do you want to be called in the future, sir?"

Man: "Paul Ficker."

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A taxi passenger taps the driver on the shoulder to ask something. The driver screams loudly, loses control of the car, barely misses a bus, shoots over the sidewalk and comes to a stop just a few centimeters in front of a shop window.

Everything is quiet for a few seconds, then the taxi driver says: "Please never do that, never again! You scared me to death."

The customer apologizes, "I couldn't have guessed that tapping your shoulder would scare you so much."

"It's not really your fault either," says the driver. "Today is my first day as a taxi driver. I've driven a hearse for the past 25 years."

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A nun confesses her misstep to the superior. Then the superior: "Drink a liter of lemon juice."

"Will that restore my innocence to me?" Asks the astonished nun.

Then the superior again: "No, but that takes away the blissful expression on your face!"

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A lawyer is dying and has his long-term partner at his side: "I have to confess something to you. I had a relationship with your wife for thirty years and I am the biological father of your daughter Susi. I also regularly have money from the firm's treasury stolen."

Then the partner: "Oh, nobody is without guilt. Take me for example, after all I put the arsenic in your scotch ..."

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What do Bild-Zeitung and Britney Spears have in common?

They both claim they are innocent and they are lying as if printed!

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