Whatever happened, I still remember those days

From ANDREAS TH. BERNHARD Fritzlar / Felsberg. I can not remember. This sentence of the accusation uttered several times

From ANDREAS TH. BERNHARDFritzlar / Felsberg. I can not remember. This sentence, uttered several times by the accused, shaped the first day of the trial in the case of the death driver von Gensungen. Last Thursday, the Fritzlar Schffengericht summoned the defendant Frank D. as well as several experts and witnesses. The charge: endangering traffic and escaping from an accident in the act of negligence. The man who was killed was also present as a co-plaintiff. The allegations against the 29-year-old man are serious: in April of last year, he ran into a 55-year-old mother and her daughter in Felsberg. During the subsequent escape from the accident, the young man rolled over the already injured mother who was lying in front of his VW Passat. The woman then died. The defendant watched the trial pale but composed, but there was little remorse to be felt. Only when asked by the presiding judge did he say that he had to think about the accident every day. He wrote a letter of apology, but never sent it off.

Defendant: All gone

Despite the clearly audible grumbling from the audience because of the statements, judge Gerhard Lohr stuck to his questioning style. With calm words he kept asking questions about the events of that tragic night. Can he remember the collision? Whether he remembered the splintering of the windshield or the woman rolling over it? All gone, the almost defiant answer. He only knows that he had been to the Gensungen Bistro Cadillac before and wanted to go home around 1 a.m. He did not drink much and the remains of narcotics that were later found in his blood can be traced back to the consumption of hashish a few days earlier. However, the accused remembered exactly that he was no longer able to brake in time when the women appeared.

Scared and shocked

The trained process mechanic reported that he was shocked and shocked. However, he did not drive to his own apartment, but to a friend's house. He wasn't at home, but his partner opened the door. He parked his wrecked car in a barn and went to sleep in peace. Although he woke up during the night, the defendant said when questioned, but only because he had to go to the toilet. Then he went back to sleep. If you follow the statements of the defendant, he didn't realize what had happened until the next morning. First, however, he and his friend researched the accident on the Internet, he reported. After a description of the vehicle was already circulating, his buddy advised him to face the police.

Sudden turn

The case took a sudden and unplanned turn after the prosecutor began questioning the defendant. When he kept emphasizing that he couldn't remember anything, she applied for a psychiatric report. With this, she explained to the court, the man's culpability must first be clarified. She explicitly referred to the daughter of the killed, who was to testify as a witness. The young woman could not be expected to have to report twice about the death of her mother. After a short discussion, both the lawyer for the secondary prosecution, the defendant's legal counsel and the presiding judge joined the motion. The negotiation is thus interrupted. It is not yet possible to predict when the report will be available. If, however, the expert attests that the defendant is less guilty, the court may feel obliged to drop the indictment of negligence.