Spray containers can be refilled when empty

Here you will find a selection of the most important questions and answers on the subject of weapons, service and repair. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales department via our contact form or by telephone.

Conversion / older models
The offset of the barrel is decisive here. In the 2000 model series and the first models in the 2600 series, the dimension from the beginning of the case to the loading recess was 39 mm (this can be measured with a ruler).
For models with an offset of 39 mm, the conversion is disproportionately expensive. However, if the offset is 74 mm (as with the current models), the system can easily be used in the current shafts from our product range.

Basically yes. The compressed air container can be unscrewed from the weapon if the weapon is not used for a longer period of time (4 to 6 weeks). In order to depressurize the weapon, it is sufficient to unscrew the container just enough until the intermediate chamber is empty. If the container is completely removed, it must be ensured that both the thread of the container and the connection side of the weapon are protected from damage and contamination. We recommend the dust protection caps available from us for this purpose. If the compressed air tank remains screwed into the weapon for a long time, pressure losses are possible.

Repair / service
  • Pack your weapon in such a way that it cannot be damaged during transport to us. If possible, use the original packaging or another packaging that is safe for transport. Upon request, we will send you transport packaging for a fee.
    Please note that - depending on the type of packaging you have chosen - additional costs may arise on the return shipment (sheath, case with excess length, etc.). Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • It is essential to ensure that the weapon is not loaded and cocked and that this can be recognized immediately by our employees (use of a safety cord, safety flag, etc.). You should also make sure that compressed air and CO2 containers are only sent in a depressurized state.

  • If possible, send us your entire weapon for repair so that we can understand the described problem as well as possible.

  • Please note that we need your complete contact details as well as a description of the fault as precisely as possible for a quick repair process.
    You can easily fill out a repair order online and enclose it with the weapon - then we have all the information.

    Here you can also fill out our repair order online and print it out.

  • Please post sufficient postage for your shipment - freight collect shipments will not be accepted by us.
    In the event of a justified warranty claim, we will be happy to send you a return label - we will cover the transport costs for you within Germany (request with a detailed description of the warranty case and specification of the serial number at [email protected]).

  • We only repair products that have been manufactured by us. Third-party products and weapons on which third-party cartridges are mounted will not be repaired by us.
The costs of an overhaul or repair of a weapon depend on the general condition of the weapon as well as on the respective individual damage pattern. It is therefore difficult to make a general statement about the expected repair costs. You are welcome to send in your weapon and you will receive a cost estimate on request. Please note our general repair conditions. You can find out more about this on our online repair form, which you can find here.

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