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Keyword: economy

On January 18th, 2020 we visited the Vienna Stock Exchange to learn more about finance. The workshop was led by Mr. Alexander Racher. First we had to think about questions and write them on a piece of paper. The questions were then answered individually, such as: "What does a stock exchange do?" "Which departments does an exchange have" "How do you buy shares" etc. Mr. Racher answered this in his own words or with the help of a presentation that was also used throughout the workshop has been. The PPP addressed many topics related to stocks, ETFs, risk and more.

A stock exchange brings investors and entrepreneurs together and strengthens the economy. The exchange's tasks include monitoring trading and providing information on the market and prices.

We also learned about mutual funds and their different types. One of the most important topics was the “magic triangle” which consists of liquidity (solvency), security and return (profit) and helps determine the risk of savings books, bonds, stocks and more.

Personally, I learned a lot from this workshop and found it to be quite helpful! A tip that I took away with me is "Investing now at your age is better than later" and I will also take the chance! It never hurts to expand your knowledge and therefore I recommend that others learn more about finance / stocks. Conclusion: only invest in financial instruments that you understand yourself! And think long-term, short-term profit can only be found in the lottery.

We would like to thank Alexander Racher for the workshop and are happy to have seen Mike, the former START scholarship holder.

Report: START scholarship holder Elaa

The workshop was informative, I was able to get an overview of what the Vienna Stock Exchange is and how it works. We also talked extensively about what securities are and why you should invest the money. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Alexander, who gave us an overview and look forward to further workshops at the Vienna Stock Exchange. (Nour)

The lecture was very informative and I learned a lot, but it was so much all at once that my head was overloaded after the first half. A tour would have been cool. (Ebru)

I thought the visit was great. It was educational and most interesting. Many questions were asked and all answered to the fullest satisfaction. You got a good insight into the whole subject of the stock market and tried to explain everything in an understandable way. Thanks to the visit, I know, for example, to understand the share price or how shares are traded. All in all a very successful event! (Aleksandar)

Personally, I found the workshop very interesting, but unfortunately I didn't always keep up because the day has been a long day for me and I found it difficult to concentrate. I am glad to have learned a lot about the stock market and to have participated in the workshop, because knowledge is power 🙂 (Mariam)

The workshop was well structured in terms of content and designed to be beginner-friendly. The basics were explained and questions answered in an understandable way. (Shawn)

A lot was new for me: I didn't realize that you can simply sell parts of your company as shares. Otherwise I noticed that
if you risk little and make little profit, but with riskier stocks it can happen that you become a beggar. I also found the discussion about saving and inflation interesting. I thank the Vienna Stock Exchange for this workshop!