Who is walter brunell

Here are some general comments by Walter Bruneel on his work:

"The way an artwork is produced is always in a loose, flowing state, with a centerpoint, a focus, but also a lot of space and allowance for inspiration and enhancement through raised consciousness and attunement. It 'comes through' and can be as much a surprise for me at the end as for anyone else. "

The "Angel Series" artwork:
"The angel artwork came in as a long-lingering dream finally manifesting. The first one was Zadkiel, which is still a favorite of mine. The others, 13, came as they pleased, not in a particular hierarchy or order. Some of them weren't archangels, but just "popped in", enjoying the occasion to materialize this way. It is a very relaxed and humorous process, and that doesn't make it less accurate and powerful. These are snapshots from other-dimensional beings, and you can feel the radiance and the immense focusedness on their goal. The bottom line of this work is to show their existence, the magnitude of divine light and love they emanate and the conscious realization of our likeness to them. "

The "Imperia" and "Chimerae" Series artwork:
"This is a look into parallel, interwoven dimensions and hidden kingdoms. It is a world in progress, not quite crystallized, with many forms coming into existence and fading to other planes. You'll notice different shapes and depths of light and shadow every time you look at them - teaching you more about this particular picture as well as about yourself, as the image resonates with what's within you. "