Who is Donald Moatshe's brother

Donald Trump on his brother's untimely death

Fred Trump junior was tall and blonde, a photo shows a good-looking young man by the water, in a white T-shirt, smiling, with a perky woman. He was considered cheerful, sporty, surrounded by friends.

Someone who loved life, was known as such on his university campus, someone who drove sports cars, drove boats and once before rented a plane at the local airport.

But Fred Trump junior, called Freddy, didn't get old. The eldest brother of the current American president died on September 26, 1981 in a hospital in the New York borough of Queens at the age of 42. Official cause of death: heart attack.

Fred Trump Jr. had been addicted to alcohol many years earlier, a heavy drinker whose life was visibly darkening. His lifelong dream of becoming a pilot came to nothing. But above all: Both father Fred Trump senior and younger brother Donald urged him, the second oldest of five children and the oldest son, to join the family business. Against his will.

Donald Trump drinks Diet Coke instead of alcohol

Now it will always be speculation to what extent this pressure led to Fred junior's alcoholism and whether it ultimately triggered his untimely death. It is all the more remarkable how much the addiction and death of his brother preoccupy today's President Donald Trump. And that he even talks about this subject with the "Washington Post", which he hated.

Donald Trump shows an unusual feeling about the loss of his brother, namely remorse, the "Post" overwrites its long text about Fred Trump junior. The president has already based his fight against drug abuse and alcohol addiction on the fate of his brother on several occasions. Donald Trump does not touch alcohol, prefers to drink Diet Coke instead.

"I am sorry to have put him under pressure," says the president of the relationship with his eldest brother. Fred junior never wanted to run the family business, "that just wasn't his thing". Trump admits that he and his father put “double pressure” on Fred, he now tells the Washington Post.

Fred Trump junior is repeatedly portrayed as the opposite of his brother: more of a man of quiet tones, funny, joking. Donald Trump himself once said on CNN that his brother was "a much nicer guy" than he was.