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How can the Real Doll be repaired if the finger is injured?

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Hello, my sex doll has an unwanted opening on her little finger. Should I cover it up with a little. And then shape it into the outline of the fingers, otherwise I should use it. "The silicone rings fit in. If the latter, where can you get a piece of silicone that matches the skin tone of the Real doll fits. Your manufacturer values ​​your expertise.

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Then a liquid silicone is used during cleaning to form a flat layer and eventually fill the hole. You can mix the final layer of some powder makeup to match the color exactly. I'm not a fixator, I've always had a light tear on my girl, but I think it should work. Good luck. I suggest making sure it doesn't happen again. The fingers are usually pimple-like and want to continue penetrating the skin. These wires can often be lost or bent in such a way that the entire finger is damaged. Sometimes I would pull the wires off completely. The sex doll turned around but didn't need any more time or wasted time.

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