How to reduce the tip of the nose without surgery

The perfect nose - rhinoplasty without surgery

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Hardly any change is as noticeable in the face as the change in the nose. An "unsightly" nose that is operated on in a more even shape makes the whole face appear more symmetrical and therefore more beautiful. But for many it is a risk for the nose to go under the knife. Fortunately, there are now other alternatives that can beautify the nose without surgery and with little effort. We explain how to do it.

Whether an aquiline nose, a broad nose or a nose with a hump - the nose gives our face character. But we are not always satisfied with it. Anyone who has a nose operation can change the overall impression of the face - and not always for the better. In fact, the most important thing in any cosmetic surgery on the nose is whether the nose fits the face. If the nose does not fit evenly into the facial features after the operation, it will be even more noticeable despite the cosmetic correction - and not necessarily in a positive way. A good beauty doctor will therefore pay attention to many things before operating on the nose: for example, the distance between the nose and the eyelid and forehead.

Surgical intervention is also always associated with risks, such as scarring. Swelling and impaired breathing always occur. Most importantly, the nose must remain functional. That is why a skilled cosmetic surgeon is a must. In any case, it should be carefully considered whether you are actually so dissatisfied with your nose that a surgical procedure is worthwhile.

Not to mention the costs: a nose operation can cost up to 7,000 euros. So what to do if you don't want to take these risks but are still dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose? We show you two minimally invasive methods that correct and beautify the nose without surgery.

The "sprayed" nose - nose correction with hyaluronic acid

How does a rhinoplasty work without surgery

Smaller blemishes of the nose can be corrected with special techniques. The interventions are small, but the effect is great. This is also the case with rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid. Of course, hyaluronic acid is no longer a beauty secret in the beauty industry - there is hardly a beauty studio that does not offer treatments with the protein. The body produces hyaluronic acid itself, but production decreases with age - this leads to wrinkles, among other things. A fresh, rejuvenated complexion depends very much on the hyaluronic acid content in the body. The beauty industry recognized this long ago, so that there is now hardly any cream without hyaluronic acid. The anti-aging protein is also available to swallow.

However, treatment with hyaluronic acid injections is most effective for rhinoplasty without surgery. The injections magically make wrinkles disappear - even frown lines or unattractive nasolabial folds can be magically removed. The skin is padded from the inside and the face looks younger and firmer.

But correct the anse with hyaluronic acid? That sounds a little strange, because if you inject hyaluronic acid into your nose, it should be fuller, thicker and misshapen, right? Not even close!

The "filler" for rhinoplasty without surgery

"The Five-Minute-Nosejob" - this is the catchphrase that is used to describe the nose job with hyaluronic acid in the USA. The formulation is not exaggerated: the hyaluron can be injected into the nose in a few minutes and changes the shape of the nose so that it looks more even. The work is very targeted: the syringe is pricked into the skin at the appropriate points and fills out unevenness - for example on the hump or the tip of the nose.

For example, if you want a snub nose, hyaluronic acid is injected under your nose - the nose lifts up and a snub nose is created. Filling around the nasal hump can straighten the nose and crooked noses can also be compensated for by injections in the appropriate places. Because modeling the nose is such a delicate thing and requires a good eye for symmetry and balance, it is also important to consult a specialist when performing a nose correction using hyaluronic acid who knows exactly which fillings on which point of the nose achieve which effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that the medical devices used hardly penetrate the body. The procedure usually does not take longer than 5-10 minutes and is easy to endure with local anesthesia. The costs are also kept within reasonable limits - it is definitely cheaper than an operation. The result is also usually impressive: a straighter bridge of the nose, a more even nose or lifting the tip of the nose - all these small changes have a big effect on the appearance of the nose. The nose blends in better with the face and looks more beautiful.

However, as with all treatments, there are also some disadvantages here that you have to be aware of: The body breaks down hyaluronic acid over time. Just like wrinkle treatments or lip injections have to be repeated at regular intervals, the hyaluronic acid in the nose must also be injected annually so that the nose maintains its beautiful, new shape. This type of rhinoplasty is only suitable for people with minor blemishes and bumps on their nose. If you have a hooked nose or want a smaller nose, you won't gain much with this method. Swelling and redness are normal after the treatment, but they will subside quickly and the new shape of the nose will quickly become socially acceptable.

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