Who was Bob Verne Grey's Anatomy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 9:15 pm, Grey's Anatomy - Eternal Youth

Grey's Anatomy is one of the series whose content and season end I let a fan briefly explain to me, I don't need to know more. If you know how it will turn out that's enough. As with the Pet Shop Boys, a best of album is enough.

It starts. The narrator definitely belongs to Gray. Pretty doctors again, I don't know that at all from German hospitals. You can tell from the Ukrainian women where they come from. Nothing happens yet, the Asian looks like an alien from the X-Files, is there any connection? Do not think so!

Ah, finally! Action, school bus accident.

A pencil is in the eye of a student who stays impressively cool. Disgusting.
Sex also plays a role, after all, Grey's anatomy was created in the shadow of Sex and the City. But today we only talk about it. I once heard American hospitals really do things like they do in Emergency Rooms. Pure hectic. The pen boy falls into a coma ... forever. Of course, shit for fans of the high school football star. A little is tried here to fool the campus life. Anyway, everyone tries to behave as normally as possible. Not as fake as might have been expected.
Emotions also appear, the background music slowly increases until someone cries or is kissed. Everyone is with everyone or was or would like to. If you are interested, you should watch the series more often. I don't care that much.
After 40 minutes the question arises whether nobody can be normally ill. A moment ago they flirted and the next moment: ventricular fibrillation or something.
Grey's alcoholic father is also a patient and proud like Oscar, but primarily an alcoholic. Apparently nobody has it easy.

Besides, why is the chief physician's name, Dr. Shepard, just like the doctor in LOST? Namely also Dr. Shepard, Calculus?

Shortly before the end, all teenagers in the world receive a perseverance. At some point everything will get better. Nice, provided you become a doctor. In the end, all the doctors sit in the same bar. I also mean J.D. from seeing scrubs there. The series wasn't funny, it may not even want to be. At least the doctors are not as clumsy as the Schalke players parallel on Sat 1. Nevertheless, I still don't like hospitals, which is understandable.

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