How did Samri Jadugar die

It was his last magic trick: an escape artist lost his life in the Ganges. His family witnessed the circumstances of death are mysterious.

Update from June 19, 7:01 a.m .: After the death of a magician in India, officials have opened investigations into negligence and assisted suicide. According to the police on Tuesday, the investigation is directed against the company of the late artist Chanchal Lahiri, Magic Belt India. The circumstances that led to the death of Lahiri, known as Jadugar Mandrake (Magician Mandrake) on Sunday, remain unclear.

Lahiri had died after he sank into the Ganges, tied with steel chains and a rope. Only on Monday was his body, still tied tight, found in the Ganges tributary, the Hooghly.

Magician dies while tricking in India

According to the police, Lahiri was not allowed to perform his trick in the water. Lahiri did not mention that he was going to jump into the river. “We wonder why he was in such a rush to perform the trick. It is a mystery to us, ”said a police spokesman. Accordingly, the artist started his performance an hour earlier than planned and in the absence of the water police.

Magic Belt India is owned by Lahiri's family, including his wife and children. During his demonstration on Sunday, family members, reporters and police officers watched him from the bank.

Before the accident, Lahiri had told the AFP news agency that he had successfully mastered a similar stunt in the same location 21 years ago. However, he admitted that liberation could be difficult this time: “If I manage to free myself, it will be magical. If I don't make it, it's tragic. "

Wizard dives tied up in river: Trick goes wrong and tragic end

First report from June 17th: New Delhi - Tragedy in India: A magician lost his life on Sunday doing a spectacular trick. The 40-year-old Jadugar Mandrake, who became known by the stage name Mandrake, let himself be tied up in the river Ganges. He was dressed in a yellow and red costume and was tied with steel chains and a rope. The Indian wanted to imitate the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini. But something went wrong with this stunt!

The wizard could not break free on his own and drowned. Particularly tragic: family members and many onlookers witnessed the tragedy. They waited on the bank with journalists and police officers - but the magician initially disappeared. Divers then searched for the body. The body has now been recovered, the water police announced on Monday.

The magician apparently already suspected his death: "When is it tragic?"

Jadugar Mandrake already seemed to suspect that he could lose his life: "If I manage to free myself, it will be magical. If I fail, it will be tragic," he said in advance. He had one 21 years ago survived similar stunt on the Ganges.

As reported by the AFP news agency, the magician came under fire in 2013 when viewers were able to expose a trick. They had seen him break out of a locked cage through a door.

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