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WhatsApp Web has got a status function, the desktop version will follow

Mobile users have been familiar with the WhatsApp status feature for a long time and can now also be used via WhatsApp Web and soon via the desktop application. A circle symbol can be found on the respective user interface, which can be used to set Snapchat-like status messages with an "expiration date".

"Inspired" by Snapchat

Snapchat has made the start with such updates and messages, but Facebook has picked up the idea and implemented it in all of its networks. The status feature is not that or not at all popular on Facebook itself and on WhatsApp, but it is very well received on Instagram.

However, it is questionable whether the current update for WhatsApp will change anything. Nevertheless, according to WABetaInfo (via MSPowerUser), the status functionality can now also be used via the web and desktop. The feature can be reached via a circle symbol in the upper left corner of the window (to the right of your own profile picture). We have circled the WhatsApp web view, the status symbol in red. So far, the functionality in the web version is probably only half finished, because at the moment you can only call up the status of other users with it. A new status that has not yet been seen is displayed here via a green point next to the circle symbol.

Not yet fully functional

WABetaInfo writes that you can also create your own messages and upload photos, videos and animated GIFs via the web and desktop interface. However, that didn't work for us. So it is likely that this will be gradually distributed. The same applies to the desktop version: Neither sending nor receiving are possible here, so WhatsApp has not yet updated the program, but this is probably only a matter of time.

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