How to get to bagumbayan qc

How to get to Bagan | Easily explained!

If you hang around on Instagram or in travel forums more often, you will love it Bagan heard: The legendary place where the sun rises over an endless sea of ​​pagodas. At the latest when you see the many hot air balloons over this dreamlike motif, you say to yourself: "I have to go there too"!

But: how do you get to Bagan? Unfortunately, Myanmar is not as developed as other travel destinations, and transport options in the country are a little more difficult than, for example, in Thailand. I was in Bagan last fall and I want to show you the easiest way to get to Bagan! Because - in the end everything is easier than I feared 🙂

Traveling to Bagan: what are the options?

By train to Bagan:

There are trains from Yangon or Mandalay to Bagan, some of which drive overnight. While the night train from Yangon with the Luxury Sleeper Train is still reasonably comfortable, the rest of the trains are very ... well ...'originally'. The trains are usually very full, space and privacy are rare. Trains and rails are old, so train journeys to Bagan are extremely long. Not really for me.

By bus to Bagan:

The bus ride also takes a long time: While the 5-hour bus ride from Mandalay may still be bearable, the trip from Yangon takes half a day. Likewise, the constant sound in the bus does not really help comfort. The trip only costs a few euros, but still not necessarily comfortable.

The best option: by plane to Bagan

Not only because I like to fly myself - also because of the comfort and the meanwhile more solid air traffic in Myanmar, flying to Bagan is my preferred option. There are even some very good connections from Europe to Myanmar, so that you can get to Myanmar with Qatar Airways via Doha or Thai Airways via Bangkok, for example. Alternatively you can fly to Bangkok and from there with solid airlines like Bangkok Airways Get to Yangon or Mandalay in just under an hour.

Bagan itself cannot be reached directly from abroad, but only via Mandalay or Yangon. Therefore you have to take a flight to one of the two cities (airport codes MDL or RGN) and then book an onward flight to Bagan with a local airline.

The airport in Bagan:

To get to Bagan you have to Airport Nyaung-U approach, with the Symbol NYU. This airport is just a quarter of an hour by car from most of the hotels in Bagan, and there are several daily flights from Mandalay and Yangon. But don't expect too much infrastructure there, because the airport in Bagan consists only of a very small building and even less in front of it. So it's best to get money at the ATM in Mandalay or Yangon, as these two airports have a lot more to offer.

Which airline in Myanmar is safe?

The choice of airlines in Myanmar has historically not always been easy, as the security did not meet western standards. The Federal Foreign Office is still warning against the use of some regional airlines. So I strongly recommend going to the ‘More proven’ Airlines in Myanmar to resort. After my research, three airlines were considered during my visit that offered good safety standards and still acceptable prices: Myanmar National Airlines (my favorite), Mann Yadanarpon Airlines and Air KBZ. Their tickets can now also be conveniently booked on popular platforms such as Expedia or Ebookers.

Especially compared to a few years ago, you can now get to Bagan relatively comfortably and safely by plane, which is why I would definitely recommend this option to you. Have fun in Bagan!