Freshwater eels, what do they eat

Verbs: to eat

The verb essen is irregular in the present tense. Like many other irregular verbs, it changes the stem vowel in the second and third person singular forms (du and he / she / es).

eat • to eat
I eatwe eat
you eatyou eat
he / she / it eatsthey eat
the wicked queenWhat are you eating, Heidrun?What are you eating, Heidrun?
the old witchI eat an apple. Apples are very healthy!I. am eating to apple. Apples are very healthy!
the wicked queenWell, mostly yes, but you should be careful. I read a story the other day: A young woman eats an apple and falls dead instantly! Tragic, I tell you ... who cares? What do we have for dinner?Well, most often yes, but you should be careful. I read a story recently: a young woman eats an apple, and falls immediately to the ground, dead! Tragic, I tell you ... Ah, who cares? What are we eating for dinner?

Helpful hint: in a dictionary, irregular verbs are marked as irreg. They are usually listed in the back of the dictionary, with their irregular forms (some verbs are irregular in the past tense, but not in the present tense, etc.).

related words
the foodmeal
the food culturegastronomy
the dining tabletable
the dining roomdining room
fun phrases
she eats with very long teethshe's eating really slowly
(because she doesn't like the food)
she ate her lunch backwardsshe threw up her lunch
have dinnerto eat dinner (supper)
he eats up and down the menu!he is eating everything from the menu!