Joshua Hoover, how I met your mother

That's not how we raised you.

I hear the bell clock and turn my head. "What time is it?" I ask. Dave shrugs his shoulders, which also hurts him and I have to laugh a little. "Maybe now you will think twice about whether you are ambushing me or not." I get up and take my cell phone. It's already seven. "I have to see Gina." I hop out of the bed. Dave straightens up.

"I'll come with you," he announces. I look pissed at Dave. But he really does straighten up and his face contorted with pain.

“Dave stay here. You have to rest. Besides, I won't introduce you to my sister. "I wipe away my tears." After all, we are not together, Stark. " He looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Is that why I am not allowed to come with you? Do you want me to hang around here by myself until I'm finally released, Pink? "I nod.

,,Yes. Besides, you should sleep. You won't be released that quickly. "


I'm with Gina. She is in an even worse mood than the last few days. The nurse told me she didn't want to eat and refused to have any contact. She doesn't look at me I take her hand and sit next to her.

"Hey, what's going on?" She tilts her head towards me and looks at me dejectedly. It tears my heart to see her like that. "You can talk. Talk to me." She shakes her head slowly. I breathe out a long way. "Okay. If you don't want to talk, leave it. I'll just tell you a little. If you feel the urge to talk, get in. "But she doesn't. I despair of her today. Tomorrow is the weekend. At least I can come earlier. Maybe she thought we don't need her anymore? Oh, I don't know anymore. "I'm sorry that I came so late. I didn't make it before. Maybe we can go outside tomorrow. I'll ask the nurse. Although, if they don't allow us, we'll go anyway. Who can do us?" to forbid something?" The corners of Gina's mouth wander upwards and I grin. It's typical that she does it gladly. I brush back her blonde hair. When will she finally get out of here?


As soon as I'm out of the clinic, I already discover a familiar figure. I can't help rolling my eyes and going annoyed. "Are you stupid?" I ask and Dave turns to me.

"Since when has it been so rude?" I look at him as if he wanted to fool me. It can't be that he has already been released. His expression, however, only reveals how funny he thinks it is.

"You can't just run away," I say as if I were the rule maker ...

“I fired myself. Basically, I'm a grown man, Jessica. I can take care of my health very well myself. "I laugh bitterly. Can that be true?

,,You can not. It seems to me that you don’t worry at all. You had an accident. "Dave laughs, thinks it's all so funny, it could have turned out so much worse.

,,I'm still alive..."

"Dave ?!" A feminine, clear voice calls Dave's name. I turn around and see a beautiful woman walking towards him. She looks very young.

"Dave?" A man rushes from the other side. I think I now know who they are. Dave's expression is annoyed now and I have to laugh a little. His mother is with him immediately.

,, Dave, why didn't you let me know? I had to find out from a colleague that my son was in the hospital. "

"Lag," he corrects her. She looks at him admonishingly.

"Adriana darling, Dave looks quite fit." He pats him on the shoulder and Dave immediately winces.

"Joshua!" Oh, another Joshua. Great.

"Be careful, our boy had an accident," she admonishes him too.

,,He is a man. Those few scratches don't keep him here. "

“Joshua, I'm warning you. If you have another word of yours ... "

"Enough!", Dave intervenes. "I'm going home now." He takes my hand and wants to go.

"Wait!" Says his mother sternly and he turns around again. To be honest, I have no clue what to do. "Dave Stark. That's not how we raised you. You politely say good evening to your parents and ask." your escort. If you want to go, you ask about it and don't face a fait accompli. Especially now you should feel guilty because we were worried. " She looks at her husband. "Well at least I do. Now we all go in, sit down in the cafe, which only has seating available and I get to know your lovely companion. "She puts her arm around me, smiles and pushes me back into the clinic. I look at Dave for help, who sees but just annoyed at his father, who shrugs his shoulders. I am not his girlfriend I'd love to scream, but that wouldn't help either.

"I'm sorry, of course. I went straight to my son, and I should have introduced myself. I'm Adriana Stark, Dave's mother and unfortunately married to the emotionless, chaotic, man who calls himself Dave's father and yet we are happily married. I was just terribly worried about Dave. Of course I know him. That wouldn't be the first time that he hasn't come to us with his problems. Men. But his father is different. He's got a man's flu for weeks when he's tired of going to a business meeting, "says Dave's mother straight out of the closet. That's nice. It makes me smile.

"Um, Mrs. Stark, none of that is a problem. It's already late. "She waves me away and sits me on one of the chairs in the café area. She sits down next to me and comes very close.

,, No no, we will drive you home. I don't want to gossip about you either ... "

"You will do that, mother", Dave intervenes again when he arrives with his father and also sits down at the table. He is sitting diagonally across from me and his expression simply doesn't reveal anything.

"Dave, don't interfere when women talk to each other," his mother rebukes him.

“If these women talked to each other, there would be no problems whatsoever. However, this is a one-sided text. She doesn't want to hear that. "What's the matter with him now? Why is he talking to his mother like that?

"Dave", I say now almost as a warning, but he doesn't even want to hear me.

“Your behavior leaves a lot to be desired, my son. After all, I'm not talking to you, but to ... "She looks at me and I clear my throat in surprise.

,, Uh, Jessica, uh, Jess ... Pink! Yes, Pink. "God, how embarrassing. Maybe I'll pull a clown wig over my head and hop around happily? His mother smiles and I shake my head slightly, shamefully at myself. While doing so, I cursed myself softly. I deserve it. Dave laughs, but not at me as it turns out.

"You kidnap a complete stranger and don't ask her name." Thanks for the description, idiot.

"What's the matter with you?", I ask angrily. It's enough slowly. At some point you have to end something like that and now the time is where I end it. For that I get up and finally Dave's attention you prefer your differences between yourselves. What got into you, Dave, I don't understand attacking your mother like that from this point of view. I can speak very well for myself. It's really late now. Tomorrow I have to be up early, that's why. .. "I turn to Adriana, who smiles at me. "I wish you a nice evening." I also smile at Dave's father, who nods. I don't even want to look at Dave. I certainly don't need his angry look now.

“But Jessica dear, we can drive you. You don't have to run, "Adriana reminds me, but I shake my head.

,, I live very close by. That doesn't matter. "Before anyone can say anything else, I wave quickly and leave. Hallelujah, what was that?