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Translation of "Pummelchen" in English

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It's day X now, little one Chubby.
Don't hurt me tonight Chubby.
Don't try to do anything to me tonight, dumpling.
~ He's just a Chubbybut I am too ~
Where are my Chubby?
I love my Chubby.
Another time, Chubby.
Watch out Chubby, I have no problem with you.
Look dumbo, I don't have a personal problem with you.
So far they just called me "Chubby".
Is that your dance of joy Chubby?
~ He's mine Chubby, and I am satisfied.
Mommy, Chubby here's about to steal my invitation to Mr. Prince's Ball.
Mommy, Lardo here is trying to steal my invitation to Maxim Prince's ball.
That one is there Chubby.
That one's kind of pudgy.
Over there where this Chubby stands.
There, where that fat kid is standing.
I have a question, Chubby.
Let me ask you a question, chubby.
Listen i loved Chubby all my heart.
Look, I loved Big guy with all my heart.
That was still during my "Chubby"
You sweat the fat out of your belly before the day ends, mine Chubby.
You'll sweat the lard off that fat carcass of yours ... before this day's over, my pudgy friend.
That was still during my "Chubby"- Time.
She was during my "Big guy"period.
Why do they always make it Chubby to the final?
Why is that only fat people make it into the showdown?
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