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Directory of all spells, curses and potions from the Harry Potter books as well as the textbooks Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages
The spells and curses from the Harry Potter films and the Fantastic Beasts film series are listed separately


  • Decongestant potion - (in the original: Deflating draft); this magic potion counteracts magically induced swellings.
  • Accio - spell for the calls-magic (in the original: Summoning charm); Everyday magic to evoke more distant things.
  • Aguamenti - magic spell to splash something with water.
  • Alohomora - everyday magic to open locked doors and windows.
  • Mandrake Resuscitation Potion - (Originally: Mandrake Restorative Draft); Magic potion to break a magically induced freeze.
  • Age line - (in the original: Age Line); Magically secured age limit.
  • Aging potion - (in the original: Aging Potion); causes immediate aging.
  • Amortentia - the strongest love potion of all such potions.
  • Amnesia - radical memory magic known only in the German-speaking area. General see Obliviate.
  • Anapneo - magic spell to clear the airways of someone who can no longer breathe.
  • Animagus - magician who can willingly take on an animal form and transform himself back at any time.
  • Anti-Disapparation Curse - (in the original: Anti-Disapparation Jinx); prevents a room from being Disapparated or Apparated into a room.
  • Anti-intruder curse - (original: Anti-intruder jinx); Special security spell that blocks unauthorized access to a residence or area.
  • Anti-gravitational nebula - (in the original: Anti-gravity mist) see magic mist
  • Anti-Slingshot Curse - Counter-curse to the Slingshot Curse
  • Anti-cheating magic - (in the original: Anti-Cheating Spell); Spells to prevent cheating during exams.
  • Aparecium - magic spell to make hidden writing visible.
  • Apparate - (in the original: Apparatus); Common mode of travel for adult magical people: they dissolve in one place and materialize at the destination.
  • Encouragement magic - (in the original: Cheering charms); Magic to create a serene, relaxed mood.
  • Expansion magic - (in the original: Extension Charm) increases the capacity of an interior space or a container.
  • Appearance Altering Spells - Magical ways to dress up and camouflage yourself.
  • Avada Kedavra - one of the three Unforgivable Curses; Spell for the death curse.
  • Avis - spell to make birds appear from the tip of a wand.


  • Babbel curse - (in the original: Babbling Curse); Curse to keep the victim talking nonsense.
  • Bannkreis - Magical protection of an area against intruders.
  • Baruffio's elixir of the brain - (in the original: Baruffio's Brain Elixir); Magic potion that (supposedly) stimulates the brain to perform at its best.
  • Leg clamp curse - (in the original: Leg Locker Jinx); Spell that snaps the opponent's legs together and inseparably connects them so that they can no longer walk.
  • Lighting Spells - Spells that magically add lighting or extinguish it.
  • Summoning Spells - (Originally: Conjurus spells), Various spells with which non-existent things or alien states are conjured up.
  • Broom Spells - Various spells to optimize the design and flight properties of brooms.
  • Possessing - the black magical ability to own another person and act through them.
  • Movement magic - (in the original: Locomotion charm) Everyday magic to move and transport things.
  • Library spells - various spells to protect library books from improper use.
  • Conjunctivitis curse - (in the original: Conjunctivitus Curse); Spell that immediately causes conjunctivitis in the enemy.
  • Blood-forming potion - (in the original:Blood-Replenishing Potion); Magic potion to compensate for blood loss due to newly formed blood.
  • Bruise remover - (in the original: Bruise remover); magical healing ointment that is reliably effective even on particularly stubborn bruises.
  • Brand-Zauber - (in the original: Stinging Hex); this spell makes the victim shrink from what he is touching, like a hot stove.
  • Brake magic - (in the original: Braking Charm); for racing brooms see Quidditch Magic or Broom Magic.
  • Boomerang curse (in the original: Backfiring Jinx); alleged protective spell that backfires.



  • Permanent adhesive curse - (in the original: Permanent sticking charm), Magic to stick something in one place forever and ever.
  • Defodio - spell to blow something away.
  • Deletrius - spell to extinguish the summoned fog figure of a Prior Incantato.
  • Densaugeo - spell that bewitches the front teeth of an opponent so that they continuously grow in length over the lower lip, chin, collar and chest.
  • Deprimo - spell that makes someone fall into the depths.
  • Descendo - spell to make something sink or fall to the ground.
  • Disillusionment magic or I-don't-see-right magic - (in the original: Disillusion Charm); Magic to camouflage a living being so that its appearance always adapts to the respective background.
  • Theft case - (in the original: Thief's Downfall); Magical waterfall that washes away spells of camouflage and magical changes of will.
  • Diffindo - everyday magic that magically separates or cuts textiles.
  • Dissendium - magic spell to open the secret passage behind the statue of the humped witch.
  • Dr. Salbader's amnesic ointment - (in the original: Dr Ubbly's Oblivious Unction); Forgetful ointment for magical healing of injuries and scarring after brain attacks.
  • Druck-Zauber - Magical process for duplicating brochures.
  • Duro - magic spell to petrify objects such as tapestries or door curtains and thus make them impassable.
  • Demon Fire - (in the original: Fiendfyre); devastating black-magic fire, the flames of which destroy things in such a way that they can no longer be magically repaired.
  • Drought magic - (in the original: Drought charm); Magic to dry out puddles or small bodies of water.


  • Euphoria Elixir - (in the original: Elixir to Induce Euphoria); Magic potion to put drinkers in a euphoric mood.
  • Expecto Patronum - spell to summon the Patronus, the personal protector.
  • Expelliarmus - spell for the disarming spell (in the original: Disarming charm), who snatches his wand from the opponent.
  • Explosion magic - (in the original: Blasting Curses); various spells that cause an explosion, confuse opponents, blow up obstacles, completely mess up a room and cloud the view.
  • Expulso - Spell for an explosion spell.


  • Fall slowing spells - spells that slow down the free fall of a living being or object so that, for example, people are not harmed if they fall from a great height.
  • Color changing magic - (in the original: Color change charm ); Spell that changes the color of a thing or living being.
  • Light as a feather - (in the original: Featherlight), Magic to make something as good as weightless for transportation.
  • Felix Felicis - magic potion to be lucky.
  • Ferula - spell to magically cast a broken limb.
  • Fire extinguishing magic - (in the original: Extinguishing charm), Spells to fight fire.
  • Ring of Fire - Spell that acts as a weapon of attack or defense and places a burning barrier around the caster or his opponent
  • Fire Spells - various spells that conjure up magical fires.
  • Fidelius spells - spells to hide a whereabouts in a person's memory.
  • Finite - spell to end an ongoing spell.
  • Finite Incantatem - Spell to stop any spell effects currently in progress.
  • Flagrante - magic spell to protect something from being touched: if you touch it illegally, you will burn yourself on it.
  • Flagrate - spell to leave luminous marks on certain objects.
  • Flederwichtfluch - (in the original: Bat Bogey Hex); Hex that lets a bat-like winged nuisance attack the victim.
  • Flying - magic with which you can fly without any aids.
  • Spark solution - (in the original Scintillation Solution); can supposedly be very impressive at magical parties.
  • Furnunculus curse - (in the original: Furnunculus Curse); Makes ugly boils appear all over the opponent's body.


  • Gamp's Law of Elementary Transfiguration - (in the original:Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration); Fundamental principles of what can and cannot be conjured up out of nowhere.
  • Frozen Magic - (in the original: Flame Freezing Charm); Magic that changes flames in such a way that they don't hurt, but feel pleasant.
  • Counter curse - (in the original: Counter courses); Spell that counteracts a specific curse.
  • Antidote - (in the original: Antidotes); A suitable mixture of poisons that counteracts (here: magical) poisons.
  • Geminio - spell to create a duplicate of something that looks deceptively similar.
  • Glisseo - spell to turn a surface such as a staircase into a slide.
  • Golden flames indicate a magic wand's own magic.
  • Gregor's magic potion - (in the original: Gregory's Unctuous Unction); this magic potion makes drinkers believe whoever gave it to them is their best friend.
  • Gripping magic - (in the original: Gripping Charm); Magic to simplify ball games on flying brooms. S. Quidditch spells.
  • Brain Enhancement Potion - (in the original: Wit-sharpening potion); Magic potion that promotes mental creativity and alertness.


  • House peace magic - (in the original: Intruder Charm); common protection spell that signals when someone has Apparated at the residence and is approaching.
  • Healing potion for boils - simple magic potion.
  • Healing Spells - Various spells used in magical healing.
  • Stealth Tracking Spell - (in the original: Stealth Sensoring Spell); magically signals when someone intrudes into a forbidden room.
  • Homenum revelio - magic spell that indicates the presence of people.
  • Homorphus magic - (in the original: Homorphus Charm); According to Gilderoy Lockhart, this spell makes it possible to force a werewolf to transform itself back into a human.
  • Horcrux - Terrible black magic spell to keep a split off part of your own soul outside of your own body.
  • Horn tongue magic - (in the original: Horn tongue); quickly learned spell to bewitch the tongue of an opponent so that it becomes an immobile, horny foreign body in his mouth.



  • Katzenjammer-Zauber - (in the original: Caterwauling Charm); Magic that triggers a wailing sound as an alarm and warning signal.
  • Tickling Magic - (in the original: Thickling charm); see Rictusempra.
  • Klaufluch - (in the original: Thief's Curse); Spells to punish those who steal something.
  • Bubble magic - (in the original: Bubble head charm); Magic that surrounds the head with a large bubble that makes it possible to breathe normally even in adverse circumstances.
  • Kross, scion and lap - (in the original: Toots, Hoots' n Roots); magical herbal cure.


  • Langlock - Glues the victim's tongue to the roof of the mouth
  • Legilimens - spell to invade someone else's mind.
  • Luminous color magic - (in the original: Flashing Paint Charm), Magic to give bright colors to painted posters.
  • Levicorpus - magic spell to hang another person by the ankles in mid-air.
  • Liberacorpus - counter-spell to Levicorpus.
  • Locomotor - everyday magic to move trunk, people on stretchers or the like in front of you. What is to be transported in this way must be supplemented e.g. Locomotor case.
  • Locomotor Mortis - Spell for a leg brace curse, it snaps the victim's legs together so that they can no longer be moved properly.
  • Lumos - everyday magic that turns the wand into a kind of flashlight.


  • Metamorphmagus - Magical person who has the innate ability to transform their appearance at will
  • Mobiliarbus - everyday magic for moving objects. This movement spell seems to work in a similar way to Mobilcorpus and Locomotor.
  • Mobilcorpus - (in the original: Mobilicorpus); Spell to transport the immobile body of a living being in an upright position.
  • Morsmordre - spell to conjure up the dark mark.
  • Muffliato - a spell that creates a noise in the ears of nearby people listening in.
  • Muggle defense - (in the original: Anti-Muggle Security); various spells that hide a location from muggles.
  • Muggle defense spells - (original: Muggle Repelling Charm); Spell that keeps muggles out of a place by making everyone who approaches think of something so urgent that they turn around instantly.
  • Murtlap Essence - Magical Remedy; yellow solution from the back plant of a Murtlap, which unfolds healing and beneficial powers.


  • Refill magic - (Originally: Refilling Charm); magic to refill drinks bottles inconspicuously over and over again.
  • Nox - everyday magic to turn off the magic wand light turned on with Lumos.


  • Obliviate - Spell for the memory spell (in the original: Memory charm) He deliberately erases all unpleasant memories from the victim's memory.
  • Occlumency - (in the original: Oglumency); Magic to close your own world of thought completely from others.
  • Oppugno - spell used to wipe out an opponent with the help of conjured up small creatures.
  • Orchideus - conjuring spell that causes a bouquet of orchids to come out of the tip of a wand.


  • Pack magic - everyday magic for packing your suitcase.
  • Patronus Communication - Magical method of exchanging messages with others through the personal patron saint.
  • Chatterbox - (in the original: Babbling Beverage); this magic potion makes a person talk nonsense to others.
  • Placement magic - (in the original: Placement charm); This spell puts something in the right position.
  • Peskiwichteli Pesternomi - (in the original: Peskipiksi pesternomi); With this spell, Gilderoy Lockhart heroically but unsuccessfully orders a horde of rampaging imps to stop their activities immediately.
  • Petrificus Totalus - magic spell to paralyze an opponent all over his body.
  • Pepper Breath - (in the original: Pepper Breath); Simple spell to make your own breath or that of an opponent burn uncomfortably fiery.
  • Upholstery magic - (in the original: Cushioning Charm); this magic equips the handles of flying brooms with a comfortable, invisible seat cushion.
  • Portus - spell to turn an item into a portkey.
  • Prior Incantato - Spell to coax the last curse from a wand.
  • Priori Incantatem - Curse reversal spell that arises automatically when two sister wands are supposed to fight against each other.
  • Protego - Spell that creates a magical shield against many spells and curses that ricochet off.
  • Protego totalum builds a permanent shelter against all possible attackers, which lasts for a long time.
  • Proteus spell - This spell combines several things of the same kind. If anything is changed in any of the proteus-enchanted objects, it is carried over to all of them.



  • Ratzeputz - (in the original:Scourgify); Everyday magic to clean things up.
  • Reducio - spell to reduce the size of an object or living being; can one with Engorgio let the enlarged object shrink back to its normal size.
  • Reductio / Reducto - magic spell to dissolve an object into nothing.
  • Relaschio - (in the original: Relashio); Spell that sends red-hot sparks from the tip of the wand.
  • Rennervate - magic spell to provide a weakened person with new energy.
  • Reparo - everyday magic to put broken things back together like new.
  • Repello muggeltum - erects a protective tent against muggles.
  • Revelio magic - with special additives reveal something hidden. see Homenum revelio or Specialis revelio.
  • Conversion magic - (in the original: Restoring spell); this spell forces an animagus to return to human form.
  • Rictusempra - spell around a tickling spell (in the original: Tickling Charm).
  • Riddikulus - spell to make a bogus so ridiculous that he disappears.
  • Rowing Magic - Magic to move a rowing boat across the water faster and more comfortably.


  • Salvio Hexia - creates a shelter against lighter hexes.
  • Sleeping potion for dreamless sleep - magic potion that helps you sleep well despite acute trauma.
  • Sleep magic - various magical applications that put someone in a mostly also enchanted sleep.
  • Slingshot curse - (in the original: Hurling Hex); nasty spell with which the handle of a broom can be bewitched so that it throws off a broom flyer.
  • Hiccups Solution - (in the original: Hiccoughing Solution); Magic potion that gives drinkers hiccups.
  • Shrink Potion - (in the original: Shrinking Solution), Magic potion to shrink living beings back to their baby size and shape (e.g. toads turn into tadpoles again).
  • Protection spells - various magical uses with which people or objects can be protected from beings and lighter curses or from unauthorized non-magical acts.
  • Black magic - magic that is used to torture victims, to make them submissive, to kill, even to use for oneself as corpses ...
  • Schwell solution - (in the original: Swelling Solution); Magic potion that makes parts of the body swell.
  • Sectumsempra - Vicious defensive / offensive spell that inflicts bleeding wounds on an enemy.
  • Seidenglatts hair gel - (in the original: Sleekeazy's Hair Potion); Cosmetic magic potion for straightening and styling frizzy and dull hair.
  • Serpensortia - spell to summon a snake.
  • Silencio - magic spell to turn off the sound of a living being.
  • Seat cushion magic - see upholstery magic
  • Skele wax - (in the original: Skele-Gro); Magic potion belonging to the healing spells that makes bones grow
  • Immediate scalping - (in the original: Instant scalping), Simple spell to easily and quickly scalp an opponent.
  • Sonorus - magic spell to amplify your own voice at loudspeaker level.
  • Specialis revelio - spell to make enchantments visible that are hidden in an object.
  • Blasting spells - see Blasting spells
  • Spit snails - magic spell (?) To a curse that makes the opponent spit snails for hours.
  • Strengthening potion - (Originally: Strengthening Solution, Invigoration Draft); Different brews that increase combat strength.
  • Falling stars magic - triggers a rain of falling stars as a magical bonfire in the sky.
  • Tripping Curse - (in the original: Trip Jinx); Spell to create an invisible magical trip hazard.
  • Streckfluch - (in the original: Stretching jinx); elongates a body uncomfortably.
  • Stupor - (in the original: Stupefy); Defensive / furnace spell for the shock spell that knocks an opponent out.
    Counterspell: Enervate.
  • Noun magic - (in the original: Nouns charm); Magic to give substance to a thing that has only been imagined (i.e. to make something that was painted in the air with a magic wand representational).


  • Daydream magic - (in the original: Daydream Charm); sophisticated magic combination that triggers a temporary daydream.
  • Dance magic - various magic spells that make living beings or inanimate objects dance involuntarily and uncontrollably.
  • Tarantallegra - spell that makes a victim's legs dance around wildly and uncontrollably.
  • Tergeo - magic spell to gently clean something.
  • Tilgzauber - (in the original: Obliteration charm); Magic to make tracks (for example footprints in the snow) disappear.
  • Death Curse - (in the original:Killing Curse); one of the Unforgivable Curses that kills the victim.
  • Portable Flames - conjures magical flames that can be held in hand and carried around for lighting.
  • Trance magic or "conjuring someone into a trance" - (in the original: Entrancing Spell); see rapture spells
  • Potion of the Living Dead - (in the original: Draft of Living Deaths); Magic potion that causes a sleep like death.
  • Transmutation Torture - (in the original: Transmogrifian Torture); very bad sounding magical torture method.
  • Trunk des Friedens - (in the original: Draft of Peace); Magic potion with a strong calming effect.


  • Unbreakable oath - (in the original: Unbreakable Vow); Magically sealed oath.
  • Unsaid spells - (in the original non verbal spells); Almost all magical applications can also be brought about with the magic wand, if the spell is not pronounced aloud, but only transported through willpower.
  • Make undetectable - (in the original: Unplottable) - If a location is conjured up to be immortal, it cannot be found geographically on any map and with no geographical aid.
  • Invisibility spells - (Originally: Invisibility Spell); With this spell, things can be conjured up invisibly. Transferred to items of clothing such as hats, it can make whole parts of the body optically disappear.
  • Unforgivable curses - (original: Unforgivable charms); Offensive / defensive spells that are strictly forbidden under the law of sorcery.
  • Unbreakable charms - (in the original: Unbreakable charm); Everyday magic to make things unbreakable.


  • Verekelfluch - (Original: Revulsion Jinx); makes being close to an enchanted person disgusting to others.
  • Forgetful ointment - (in the original Dr. Ubbly's Oblivious Unction) Healing magic ointment for the treatment of cuts in brain tentacles.
  • Forgetfulness potion - (in the original: Forgetfulness Potion); Simple magic potion.
  • Enlargement Charm - Everyday magic that expands the capacity of interiors.
  • Veritaserum - magic potion that forces victims to truthfully answer all questions.
  • Scare away - (in the original: Banishing charm); Spell to place an object or a living being in a targeted manner at a distant place.
  • Vanish Magic - (in the original: Vanishing Spell), Spell that turns an organism into nothing Evanesco.
  • Transformation magic - (in the original:Transforming Spell), Encroachment for the various spells and spells that transform one object into another (for example, turn a teapot into a turtle).
  • Confusion Elixir - (in the original: Confusing Concoction); this magic potion can be an alternative to the confusion spell.
  • Confusion Magic - (in the original: Confunding charm); Magic that makes the victim disoriented and confused.
  • Rapture magic - (in the original:Entrancing enchantment); Spells to get someone into a love frenzy (claims Gilderoy Lockhart).
  • Polyjuice Potion - (in the original: Polyjuice Potion); Magic potion to temporarily adopt the appearance and voice of another person.
  • Four-point spell - (in the original: Four-point spell); magic to turn the wand into a kind of compass.


  • Wobbly leg curse - (in the original: Jelly Leg Jinx); Spell to make the opponent's legs soft and wobbly.
  • Growth magic - (in the original: Growth charm); Magic that makes a living being grow incessantly.
  • Waddiwasi - practical offensive / defensive spell to shoot a sticky chewing gum or the like back at the cause.
  • Wingardium Leviosa - magic spell for a floating spell that lets something float through the air.
  • Rebirth Elixir - black magic elixir for the ritual recreation of a human body.
  • Wolfsbane Potion - (in the original: Wolfsbane Potion); Magic potion to humanize the transformation of a werewolf.


  • Magic defense - (in the original: Hex deflection); Spells to hold out bewitches.
  • Magic for fuller hair - (in the original: Hair-thickening charm); Cosmetic spells for hair care
  • Magic mist - (in the original: Anti-gravity mist or. enschanted golden crap); turns gravity around for those who remain in it.
  • Magic sleep; - (in the original: Bewitched Sleep); puts the victim into an unconscious sleep while underwater.
  • Tongue-bondage curse - (in the original: Tongue-tying courses), Spell that magically holds its victim's tongue so that they can no longer say anything. Can be used as a drastic protection spell.

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