This is how you define the WLAN password for the zte modem


ZTE ZXHN H108N is a modem that is widely used among major operators in several countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. It is recommended to be issued for rent. The ZTE ZXHN H108N modem supports ADSL connection technology and enables wired and wireless Internet access. The ZTE ZXV10 H108L modem is configured according to the same principle. Adjusting the ZTE ZXHN H108N modem is not difficult by force for any user who has carefully read the instructions below.

Learn how to not configure the ZTE ZXHN H108N modem

Setup for work

With the ZTE ZXHN H108N, the modem setting is done via a browser after the device has been connected to a computer. You can call up the settings interface via any browser. Type in the address bar and press Enter.

Enter // in the address bar of the browser

  • In the authorization window, enter the same word in the Username, Password - admin lines. After you click OK, a Settings window will open.

In the window that appears, enter admin as the user name and admin as the password. Then click on "Login".

If your router has been used before, delete its settings by performing a factory reset. This is done by pressing the reset button on the back. Press the button for 10 seconds and wait for the modem to restart. Enter the old username and new password after the system prompts you to change the password.

  • Make a note of the DSL connection type, if necessary.

Enter the DSL connection type

The following steps are determined in consultation with the provider; they can usually be found in the contract or clarified by telephone.

  • The most common connection type is set to PPPoE. If the provider assigned a dynamic IP, then DHCP is set.
  • Then enter VPI / VCI again and copy this from the contract. Below is "Communicating with LAN Ports". Tick ​​the connectors you want to use to distribute the Internet. It is desirable to leave the last port free. Also activate the SSID1 so that WLAN works.

You will then be asked to log in and enter the login with the account password agreed with the provider. If the connection type is set to DHCP, this page will not be displayed.

Then you will be asked for a WAN connection - for TV, if the service is connected, agree and put the necessary data there.

After a restart, the device is ready for operation with the numbers entered.

Wi-Fi setup

  1. Open a browser and go to a modem web interface as described in the previous section. To customize Wi-Fi there are several steps you need to take:
  2. Go to the wireless network settings and mark the inclusion point with a marker.
  3. Set mode to auto.
  4. Enter a different name for your Wi-Fi network on the SSID line. It is displayed when searching for available connections.
  5. The WPA key phrase is the password used to connect to your network. Set a complex password to prevent outsiders from accessing your network.

  6. Save the parameters.

After restarting the ZTE ZXV10 H108L, the modem is ready for use.