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Dynasty Warriors/ Characters / The Wei Famed Generals

"I shall show the land what a true warrior is capable of!"

Born: 170
Died: 219
Japanese spelling: Houtoku

Age: 31
Height: 6'9 "(205cm)

Pang De begins as a warrior serving Ma Teng. Prior to his story, he participated in the Yellow Turban Rebellion with his lord's former ally, Dong Zhuo. However, the tyrant seeks his eyes on his lord's land, Liang Province. He succeeds in driving their enemy back and later assists Ma Chao's revolt against Cao Cao at Tong Gate. Though they poised on the opposing sides of the field, he respects the invading warlord once he meets him face to face. When Ma Chao's army claims victory, Pang De decides to join Wei after the battle, branding himself as a traitor by Ma Chao and a loose cannon by his new allies.

Pang De is a stoic veteran who bravely stays true to his principles. He believes that a traditional warrior should never question their orders or be mislead by their own doubts during their duty. However, his insightful nature allows him to be a bit flexible in his loyalties. He won't hesitate to join a cause that he deems to be worthy. His consistent valor in battle continues to gain him respect wherever he goes.

  • Ascended Extra - Was in many games as a generic officer, but became a playable character in DW5 and its spin-offs.
  • Badass Army - He can summon the Xiliang cavalry to charge with him during his 2nd Musou.
  • Badass Long Hair - As seen in his summer outfit.
  • Blade on a Stick / Powerful Pick - Wields two pickaxe / halberd polearms in all appearances.
  • To Norris
  • Mighty Glacier - Like Cao Ren, Pang De moves notably slower than average on foot, but he makes up for it with tremendous weapon reach and horseback attacks.
  • What Could Have Been - According to Word of God, he was supposed to return in DW7 but in the middle of the development process he ended up not getting too featured in the storyline, thus was axed, most noticeably when it's Cao Ren and Xu Huang leading the defense at Fan Castle but Xiahou Dun is the playable character.
    • The excuse is pretty strange since there are many characters don't appear in Story Mode at all.