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Nick himself:

I picked her up and we all went back to the mansion.
Freya tried to wake her up, but nothing worked.
Rebekha changed her clothes and stole her blood.

I sat by her bed the whole time and waited.
2 week passed and nothing happened.
I murdered as I pleased, one evening Freya came to me.

"Nick stop, I'll find a way for her to wake up."

“It's my fault, I should have been there earlier, she could have absorbed me.
I should have known that it would take a lot of strength from her. ''

“No, you couldn't have known it was her decision.
We'll find a way to wake her up, I promise you. ''

She came up to me and hugged me.

"I'm sorry, but I can't live without her."

"No, don't do that, you will regret it."

I lifted my head and a moment later, feeling nothing, got up and left.


Freya's point of view:

No no no he can't do that.
I went downstairs where everyone was sitting they looked at me questioningly.

"He flipped the switch and is gone."

"What he can't do that, does he also think of Stella, what will she say when she wakes up and finds out that he did it."

,, I know Bekha but what should i do i'm looking for a solution all the time, even Davina but it's not that easy.
And I can't take care of Nick anymore. ''

"You don't have to either, I'll find him with Hayley and bring him back."

"Okay, I'm calling as old as I have a solution about Stella.
Take care of yourselves Elijah. ''

He nodded and they set off.
I hoped they'd get Nick to see his senses.
The time passed and so another 2 weeks passed.
Davina and Kol were at Davina's relatives to ask if they know anything, that was 1 week ago.

“Freya will be back.
And I probably have a solution, but we need a vampire victim. ''

Davina told me everything and I believed it could work.
Now all we need is a vampire.

"Hey, I heard that you need a vampire, I would immediately sacrifice myself for Stella."

"Lili are you sure about that?"

"Yes, that's me, so when does it start?"

"As soon as we have everything we can start."