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Birthday wishes

Beautiful birthday wishes to congratulate. Finally congratulate your birthday with the right wishes.

Congratulate with happy birthday wishes

It is not always possible to personally congratulate a birthday. Often a short message in the form of an SMS or a message in a social network has to be used for the congratulation. So that this congratulation doesn't become a common 0815 congratulation, you want to send something funny, unusual or creative in the message.

For such congratulations via SMS or birthday card there is Birthday wishes. Either you come up with a funny saying or wish yourself, or you have to fall back on ready-made birthday wishes.

For this very purpose I have written some birthday wishes and sayings myself, which you are welcome to use for your own private purposes.

If you have your own new creations for congratulations or ready-made birthday wishes, I would be happy if you share them with me in the comments!

Happy birthday:

May your birthday and every other day be filled with the warmth of the sun
the happiness of smiling faces,
the sounds of laughter,
the feeling of love and certainty,
that I think of you

Wish you luck,
that greets you in the morning.
Wish you a laugh
That makes your heart sing
Wish you friendship,
who shares and cares.
And all the joy
that only a birthday can bring.

Even if I wish it so much for your birthday, the sun cannot shine for you every day of your new year. But, you know what? You are one of those lucky people who have so many light-filled thoughts in your heart - the weather doesn't matter!

For your birthday I wish you:
Good luck and well-being,
and that we'll see each other again soon.

Health, happiness and lots of fun,
today on your special day.
All of that and much more
I wish you very much.

Favorite birthday wishes!
Thanks for your humor. Thank you for your strong character. You give so much.
Health and all the best in the new year.

Good luck, courage, contentment
for your whole lifetime
That the sun always shines for you
I wish that and much more.

There is so much I wish you for your birthday. But basically it all boils down to this: Enjoy the next 8,760 hours of your life in a good mood, happy and healthy. And what is after? Of course I will send you new good wishes in good time, which will definitely come true! ♡

It didn't turn out to be red roses
and no birthday cakes either.
There is this birthday wish here,
with lots of love, just from me.

A thousand balloons and a Ferrari in front of the door.
I wish you this and much more.
But my greatest wish: stay as you are.
Everyone should know what a great person you are

For our birthday we wish
lots of wine, schnapps and beer.

At your honor festival today
I wish you the very best with all my heart.

Presents, wine and bouquet of flowers
or the delicious birthday feast,
unfortunately we can't enjoy it today.
Don't let this ruin your day.
Even if we can't give you our times.
Do you know that we think of you very fondly today.

A birthday cake big and round.
Many well-wishers chic and happy.
Dear ... .. stay healthy,
I wish you that very personally

Health, happiness and well-being,
so it should continue well in the next year of life.

Health, happiness and well-being,
it shouldn't be missing in the next year.

I wish you health, happiness and wellbeing
and that all wishes come true

On such a fine morning, you shouldn't worry about anything.
Rather enjoy your special day and know that someone thinks of you and likes you very much.

XX years have passed
since you were born with a lot of shouting.
Therefore we congratulate
and wish you all the best

Good morning birthday boy.
To your today's cradle festival,
I only wish you the very best

A year forward, not back
Happy birthday to you.

Today I want to congratulate you on your birthday
and remind you:
You will only get XX.
So enjoy this day
and celebrate it the way you like it.

Happy birthday wishes for special people

Special people deserve special attention. Simply say with the following birthday wishes how important the birthday child is to you.

Today is your birthday. Another year that's gone
the sands of time, it trickles away.
The only important thing is that you don't forget one thing
that I am grateful for your friendship every day.

I wish you another year
full of joy, fun and that you don't miss anything.
Surprises, love and happiness.
And when your birthday is over
I hope that deep in your heart you feel
while your birthday is fading
how much you mean to me,
and that this connects us forever.

Every year your birthday reminds me
that I have something to say to you.
I am very happy to know you
your friendship is a gift to me.

I hope you enjoy your birthday
all the joy he has in store for you
and because I like you so much
I have ordered many more of them.
If we celebrate your birthday today
The gifts don't count, not even the birthday cake.
What matters today is only you
that's why everyone comes to visit you.

We celebrate a person
that brings joy to everyone.
A person who gives more than he takes
who leaps the joy of life from the heart.

So we wish you all the best today!
Let's sing together today.
And we only want one thing
that we can still spend a lot of time with you.
I wish you a birthday
that you will never forget
A day full of joy
that he's the most beautiful of your life.

And when it comes to an end
I honestly wish you
that happiness, joy and fun
your companions are forever and ever.
You have already experienced many summers and winters. Many friends have come and gone.
But I will stay by your side like a rock and experience every new year with you.
From hearts all the best for the birthday.

I hope you enjoyed the congratulations and sayings. You are welcome to use all birthday wishes for private purposes to congratulate and for birthday cards. So that the congratulations are really well received, you should give the chosen birthday wish a personal and warm touch. Just something that comes from the heart.

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The right wishes for birthday cards

It is not easy to find the right birthday card for the birthday child. The selection of beautiful and funny birthday cards is really huge. Whether with a beautiful motif, or with a funny saying on the front. With a happy birthday you can upgrade each of these cards in a special and individual way. Even if you would like to say something funny for your birthday, and there are really many funny birthday cards out there, you shouldn't forget to include all the best, love and luck for life in a congratulation for the birthday child.

Birthday wishes as a special congratulation

Nothing is worse than when nobody thinks of you on your birthday. And nothing is more beautiful than when you get nice wishes and sayings for your birthday that really come from the heart.
Now only congratulate with special birthday wishes and use them to prepare the most beautiful day of the year for every birthday child.
Don't be afraid to write your own birthday wishes and sayings. It's not as hard as it looks! Congratulations must come from the heart. Congratulations that are not meant to be serious are pointless and just waste time pointlessly.
So think about the birthday child for a moment and think about what wishes you want to give him for the new year. Then write down these wishes so that you can integrate them into the existing sayings, poems and congratulations.