What does unknown love mean

See what is.

Rangoli © Matthias Mala


Let's keep quiet about love. Love is the power of the self-knowing spirit. To recognize oneself in one's neighbor is the seed of love. To be absorbed in the other without denying oneself is the magic of love practiced.


Love is beyond magic. Love is beyond the world. Love is beyond the mind. Love is sacred fragrance. Love is the abolition of all counterparts. Love is contemplation. Love is all-oneness. Love is the presence of God. The idea of ​​love is turning away from it. To pursue it may ennoble the aspirant, but nobility does not rise or sink. Love cannot be sought. Whoever seeks it flees from it. Those who flee harden themselves. Love is grace. Grace seeks the gifted. The gifted is ready. Readiness is not a way. Readiness is being there. Am I ready, may love brush against me, may its scent waft around me. If I want to catch them, I reach into space. The only thing left is to be ready. Am I in love, am I beyond the origin, am I beyond everything known, am I in absolute silence. No word will ever break this silence. There is no more magic here. Here is love, nothing more, nothing more. Love is the source of the source. What is without love is empty. So magic is nothing without love.

Can I love without wanting to own what I love?


The wind is playing with my hair. I'm sitting under trees and my circle is made up of fallen thoughts. One and the other flow freely from me. I do not choose. I am the liberated. What remains is what is loved. I ask to be able to advance on my way without a goal.

Source: Song 77 from the Book of Hours of White Magic

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