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Nicolas Flamel

Nicolas Flamel
Biographical information

circa 1327


1992 - 1996 (possible period)

Blood status

Half blood or pure blood

Marital status


Physical description




Hair color

Gray and white

Skin color


Family information

Perenelle Flamel (wife)




Brontis Jodorowsky

Voice actor

Alexander fur[1]

Nicolas Flamel (* approx. 1327[2][3] † 1992-1996[4]) was a French magician, alchemist, and a friend of Albus Dumbledore. He developed the first and only philosopher's stone. With this he could do it Elixir of life produce, which gave him and his wife Perenelle immortality and wealth.


Earlier years

In his youth, Nicolas Flamel took classes at the Beauxbatons Academy, where he studied the magical arts and met his future wife, Perenelle. It is said that he later financed and supported the school and the grounds with his wealth, which is why a fountain was built as a memorial in his honor and his wife.[5]

He is considered a talented alchemist who was the only one who succeeded in creating the Philosopher's Stone after years of arduous research. The elixir of stone grants Nicolas and his wife immortality, which is why he was able to survive from the 14th century to the 20th century. He also met the young Albus Dumbledore in the 1980s, who was interested in alchemy and they both developed a friendship.[6]

Visit from Newton Scamander

Albus Dumbledore commissioned his former student Newton Scamander to travel to Paris to track down the ObscurialCredence Barebone and bring it to safety. He hands him an address for Nicolas Flamel's house[7], where Newt retreats after they were locked up by Yusuf Kama and were able to free themselves through a bowtruckle. Yusuf fell victim to a parasite Newt removed from Flamel's house. He then went with Tina to the French Ministry of Magic to find out the identity of Credence.[8]

Meanwhile, they left No-MajJacob Kowalski alone with the unconscious Yusuf. Nicolas came up to them and greeted Jacob. They looked together at the figure of Credence in Flamel's crystal ball. And Jacob Queenie Goldstein's lover also appears. You are at the Père Lachaise cemetery in the mausoleum of the Lestrange family, where Jacob is now going. Kama, who has woken up in the meantime, also walks there.

Flamel is concerned about what is happening in Paris. Gellert Grindelwald starts a meeting at the Père Lachaise cemetery and Flamel wants to go there too. But first he picks up a book that shows many different people with whom Flamel is in contact. But at the moment only the Ilvermorny professor Eulalie Hicks can be seen, who trusts Flamel and encourages him to intervene at Grindelwald's meeting tonight.[8] This is what he does and he arrives at the cemetery just in time to prevent Gellert Grindewald from infecting the entire city of Paris with his fire.[9]

Protection of the Philosopher's Stone

In the last phase of his life, Flamel was described as an opera lover who led a quiet life in the Devonian countryside.[2] He temporarily hid the Philosopher's Stone in a high-security dungeon in the UK's Gringotts Bank, but later moved the hiding place to Hogwarts, where his friend Dumbledore could keep an eye on it in person. He did this just in time, as a few hours later Quirinus Quirrell entered the dungeon with the help of Voldemort and tried to steal the stone in order to help Voldemort to a new body and immortality.

At Hogwarts, the stone was then protected by various magical obstacles, including a cerberus, a devil's noose, a locked door with flying keys, an enchanted chess game, a troll and a potion logic puzzle. Both Quirrell and the young Harry Potter managed to overcome everything, but only the latter managed to get the stone out of the mirror. Quirrell attacked Harry, but he couldn't defeat him because of Lily Potter's protection and had to die, while Voldemort continued to live as a disembodied figure. Dumbledore consulted with Flamel and together they decided to destroy the stone. Flamel and his wife had enough elixir in stock to manage their affairs and prepare for death,[10] only to die before 1996.[4]


Real figure

The character of Nicolas Flamel is based on reality. The real Flamel lived in France from 1330 to 1413 with a residence in Paris. He worked as a scholar and scribe in various companies and lived with his wife Perenelle. So far there is no evidence that he ever studied alchemy and the philosopher's stone. But many legends arose around him when several alchemical works were published under his name many years after his death. Allegedly there are also mystical symbols on his tombstone, but this is not true. The main reason for these myths is probably the rumor that he should have got rich within a short time and that as a treasure hunter wanted to remove treasures from his grave, they allegedly found it completely empty. Several streets in Paris are named after Nicolas and his wife.[13]

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