Horse kicks man who struck him

Ebbs - Dramatic scenes took place on Tuesday afternoon, February 23, just across the border in Ebbs in Tyrol. A 31-year-old veterinarian was seriously injured. What happened?

According to the police, the man wanted to take a sample of a Haflinger mare with a swab in the municipality of Ebbs around 4.30 p.m. for this year's breeding season. For this purpose, the horse was locked in a so-called examination stand and stood backwards to the vet. In addition, the horse's hind legs were initially separated by a divisible door facing the doctor.

According to the police, the doctor opened the upper part of the partition in order to be able to take the sample. For an as yet unexplained cause, the horse suddenly kicked back and hit the medic violently on the head with the right hind leg. As a result, the 31-year-old fell to the ground and hit the concrete floor. The man was seriously injured in the accident and was admitted to the Kufstein district hospital after initial emergency medical care. No further information was available on Wednesday morning about the man's exact state of health.