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"I consider myself a Princess not because I have a Prince Charming but because my FATHER is a KING!"

This Sunday, the world will celebrate Father’s Day with full vigor. It is celebrated as a festival worldwide and in cognisance of the fatherhood. But, today I wanted to share with you this special note of thanks that I always wanted to say. Words are one of the best medium of expressions which has the power to convey the right message and at the opportune moment.

Dad, I hardly recognize your unconditional support and presence but I know that you will always be there for me, no matter what may come. Though I have not told you this often but today I want to tell you that I love you very much. Right since my birth, you have always been there for me. As I grew up, you never ever scolded me, no matter how worse decisions I have taken in my life. It was you who lovingly repaired my broken spirit and helped me in making me understand my gray areas so that I can fly on my own once again. Thank you for being there with me each time. To commemorate this special day, I want to gift a diamond ring. This is just a token of love from my side. I love you DAD!