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Sad sayings

Maybe I'll become someone you can't love

It's ok if we don't have any more contact, but never forget what I was for you and what I did for you

It's the virus, soon we'll die out like dinosaurs. The youth aimlessly, the accounts in the red. It is the virus, there is no remedy against only seeing tits on RTL around noon!

Where are the people now? Who said they would be there on bad days.

People become silent when they feel superfluous.

People become silent when they feel superfluous.

I wish to be able to change the past! But the present has something against it.

The sad thing is that people who are always nice and do a lot for others are also the ones who are most exploited.

People are like books! Every scar tells a story!

You can't wipe away tears-feelings!

Sad sayings

You don't quite know why, but you just haven't been feeling the same lately and you want yours sadness somehow express but don't know exactly how to do it?

Then use one Sad saying as WhatsApp status. We have selected the most beautiful sad sayings for you that we could find.

Sometimes such a sad saying can simply help to let out the feelings that you otherwise hide in yourself and also to let others know how sad you feel. So go ahead, click through ours sad status sayings for WhatsApp and Instagram.

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