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Gynecologists are physicians with extensive training in diagnosing and treating diseases or disorders related to women reproductive system. They need to have acquired in-depth knowledge of women physiology. The Gynecologists are proficient in performing total health check-up of women and see to it that their reproductive health is not at risk. The check-up includes breast check-up, STD check-up, physical check-up and reproductive system check-up. The treatments that Gynecologists often provide are for cervical cancer, vaginal infections, urinary tract problems, irregular periods and other diseases. In addition, the Gynecologists also help women suffering from infertility. They treat various diseases that cause the problem in conceiving. Top Gynecologists advise women to visit Gynecologist regularly. It ensures them of their health and safety. Girls of 13 to 15 can start seeing a gynecologist. The situations when you must see a gynecologist include incontinence of urine, problems related to periods (absence or excess), abnormal vaginal discharge, and sexually transferred diseases. Gynecologists in Behala, Kolkata provide trusted treatments of all gynecological diseases and disorders in women. They are having the top class equipment and technological aid. Visiting the gynecologist can help women stay healthy and safe from various diseases that affect due to ignorance. Book an appointment with the best Gynecologist in Behala, Kolkata on 365doctor. Instant appointments on the preferred date of the p

Dr. Sudeshna Saha


Gynecologist Obstetrician, Infertility Specialist, Laparoscopic Surgeon

12 years experience



4 reviews


2.57 km

Mon, Tue, Web, Thu, Fri, Sat
(6:00 pm - 6:00 pm)


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"I need help ..." - atriya nag

"Having problems in conceiving" - Srija

"Madam is in one word outstanding ... truely she is such a doctor who can read a patient" - suman kumar saha

"want to consult, period issues" - Anonymous

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"Sir, I operated Overy at Dr. Badal mohanty ,, can I solve this problem. But sir said that its chance is very low." - Anonymous

"Is Obimet SR 1 g is a safe treatment for PCOS and can it be stopped any time?" - S.Panda

"good doctor" - subhas chakraborty

"Sir I want 2 book an appointment how can I book." - Arjun that

"2.8into2.3cm chocolate cyst is danger for health?" - Anita Murmu

"Cysts in uterus" - Chaitali Mandal

"He is like Dhanwantari for me. His medicines work like magic. Best doctor I have ever seen. The most important thing is that the patients become well sooner." - Aindrila Sil

"He is the bestest gynecologist in India. He has tremendous knowledge on gynaecology. He is the best physician as well as surgeon. He is FRCOG, MRCP, FRCS, DM (UK) All certificates and testimonials are uploaded and available in his websiteHis behavior is very polite. He avoids the conventional hormone therapy and unnecessary operations. He had spent over 14 years in UK to acquire 9 degrees in obstetrics and gynecology. " - Abhishek Hazra

"He is the best doctor ..... he gives human friendly treatment ... in one line he is god for me ..." - pragati sujani

"We were married for five years, but due to my wife's gynocological related problems, she is unable to conceive for years. We went to many renowned medical practitioners, took reproductive medicines and other treatments, but it was all in vain. Finally, last year after going through some reviews of Rajeev Sir, we took an appointment, and met him in his chamber in Care IVF. He is polite, caring and very supportive from the very beginning. We felt very happy after meeting him, and decided to do my wife's pregnancy related treatment there. After a series of tests my wife's embryo transfer took place on the first week of Jan-2020, and all these months she was under the supervision of Dr Rajeev Agarwal, who with his extensive experience did and instructed what is needed for my wife in the best possible way. Finally, in the last week of August-2020, Rajeev Sir operated my wife, and we were blessed with healthy twin babies, one boy, and a girl. Furthermore, I want to add from my experience that Rajeev Sir is outstanding, and the best IVF specialist, and obstetrician that I have known or seen. Lastly, our heartfelt thank to Care IVF's entire team comprising of expert doctors like Madam Madanki, who also was so helpful, along with councilor Gauri Di, Jaya, Mayuri and so many others. " - PINAKPANI MAZUMDER

"Dr Rajeev is a phenomenal doctor. He takes more time to listen to his patients, than any other doctor I have ever seen. He is thorough, intelligent and welcomes patient questions with thorough answers. I can truly say I felt like a pregnant woman with a voice that was heard rather than simply someone carrying a child and given? textbook? responses. His open and conversational style made me feel comfortable throughout what could have been a scary experience. The staff has consistently shown me nothing but top notch professionalism, while maintaining a? human kindness ?. During the innitial phase of my pregnancy, I was under a OB / GYN for whom I was just a number or 15 minutes on a calendar, and I can? t even begin to tell you how nice it is to simply have a doctor understand where I? m at. To be treated the same way they would want to be treated. It seems to be a dying concept, but I see it alive and well within his group. Thank you for maintaining a place of help, understanding and quality.Even during the covid times, he ensured he attended to every patient and all necessary precautions were in place.Thank you, again, for turning my worst nightmare to the most eventful one and for helping bring my baby into the world. It is much appreciated.You are indeed one of the finest doctor the country has !! Kudos !! " - Ritika Rathi

"In these troublesome times of Novel Coronavirus Dr Rajeev Ag has helped me out of my ongoing gynae issue which a lot of Gynaecologists in Kolkata refused to attend to.My heartfelt thanks to Care IVF team for such smooth and swift treatment which included a surgery too .Much appreciated !!! " - esha garg

"A place where dreams do come true and so was mine..thank you Dr Rajeev Agarwal Sir and his team for the wonderful care throughout my journey of entering into motherhood..thank you once again .. :)" - Sreeparna Paul Kundu

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"My both breast are pain last 1 month" - Tulika giri

"Hi sir, My name is Rajiv I got married on 21 years of my age. Now I m facing a sexual weakness problem my pennis is not tight now its flexible for this I m not able to satisfy my partner and after one time I m not able to do sex second time as because due to sexual weakness. Please suggest. " - Rajiv Shaw

"May I please get dr. Vijaya chakrabortys no?" - Kawal Dugal

"please give me the contact no" - sudipta paul

"I am very grateful to dr mam and Sir. We. Were trying for a baby for last 6 years. No doctor could diagnose my problem. Then when I approached Dr bani kumar mitra he with the help of Dr jana performed a small operation after which I achieved pregnancy. Now I am a proud mother of a sweet baby girl. My heartfelt good wishes to dr mam and Sir: dipannitadas " - Dipannita that

"Gynecology problem" - MUNMUN DUTTA

"No pregnancy" - Anonymous

"Patient has suffering from bleeding as one time and LMP 4/5/17 but medicine Glyciphase sr500, Belong F Duphaston (10), Ecosprin (75) give me a advise please." - Arupama Maity

Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta

MBBS (Gold Medalist, Hons), MS (Obst & Gynae- Gold Medalist), DNB (Obst and Gynae), Fellowship Reproductive and Sexual Medicine (ACOG)



4 reviews

Gynaecology, Infertility And Sexology Clinic, Friends Diagnostic Pvt Ltd, 128 Baroda Avenue, Near 45 Bus Stand, Beside Palki Restaurant, Garia, Kolkata

6 km

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"I met Dr Dasgupta at his Clinic in College Street (Upkar Nursing Home). We have been married for 5 years and then we decided to start family. After tests my sperm counts were found to be very very low. I also had some sexual problems. But all the doctors we consulted gave importance only to my wife's condition. All her reports were OK. And everyone said that I cannot be father. Some advised donor sperms and some advised adoption but we were not ready to accept any one of these . But when we met Dr Dasgupta, he gave us long time to find out the cause. He checked my condition and asked some tests, after which it was found that my Testosterone level was low and prolactin was high. So he started treatment for 3 months. After 3 months my sperm count improved a lot and sexual problems also disappeared. And my wife conceived unexpectedly within one month. We are living at Dankuni. Still we went to his chamber regularly even when my wife was pregnant, because we had faith on him and he is rea lly a gentleman whom you can believe. Whenever we could not manage any costly injections, he arranged for it so that we can get the injections at very low cost (thanks to those company people, whose number was given by the doctor). My baby saw the light finally and it was delivered by Dr Sujoy Dasgupta on the day of Dolyatra. I cannot describe in words how grateful my whole family is to him. I repent why did not we heard about him earlier " - Manas Roychowdhury

"Pragnancy problem" - krishnendu mondal

"This feedback is for those of my friends who are struggling as we used to do for long time to become parents. We consulted doctors in many areas, nobody talked properly to us, instead advised medicine and tests. We were under pressure from our family , so we were desperately looking for a good doctor. Dr Dasgupta gave us time, answered all questions and explained us facts in clear language and pictures. He advised us to try with medicine for 2 more months but we requested him for IUI, though he advised all pros and cons of all treatment options. Unfortunately 2 IUI cycles failed. We then decided for IVF, as all my friends and relatives were enjoying parenthood and we were helpless. I conceived after IVF but miscarried despite all precautions. Our doctor told me not to give up and provided adequate support but at that painful moment, we felt helpless. Moreover, being in middle class family, we could not afford much but surprisingly and of course with the blessings of Almighty, I conceiv ed naturally. Then we remembered what Dr Dasgupta told - not to give up hope. Then started our another journey and this doctor was there with us all the time. After past traumatic experience, we did not want to take any risk, so we kept on calling him whenever I was worried about any issue. I sometimes felt surprised even if it was midnight, Dr Dasgupta picked up our call and talked in polite manner, even when my question appeared like a fool (just like vomiting, pain in legs etc). Even on the day of my delivery, he was with us and provided continuous support. I know I do not have enough space here to describe his contribution but my message to all the couples who are struggling like me, do not give up hope as miracle can happen and keep faith on God !!!! " - Sunita Shaw

"I am Bangladeshi I wish meet doctor" - Sushanta kumar Goswami

"He is the best doctor to me" - REJAUL HOQUE

"Best Doctor Forever ... !!" - Nila Deb

"Helpful doctor" - Md Mahtab

"He is the best among ENT doctors ..." - shekhar srivastava

"i m having an abdominal pain which is starting in lowe absomen and then rising to upper abdomen after that pain stops but discomfort remains for two days ... pain is severe i have endomeyrosis" - iiiiii

"About pregnancy case" - Parvejalam

"Mam, Ami Rimpa mondal Ami maa hota chiKinthu Amar likason Kora eacha.Ami ki maa hota r Kono din pabona.Please mam boluna .Ki korla Ami maa hobo. Really mamMam Amar QC ta moja vabban na.Ans daban." - Anonymous

"Dr. Jayita Chakrabarti is one of the best lady gynecology in Kolkata. For any Laparoscopy, Infertility, High Risk Pregnancy and gynecological problem contact her." - Dr. Jayita Chakrabarti

"mam m taking overal_l from last 7,8 months is it have any side effect coz i want to get pregenent in 1 or 2 years" - tarrannum nizam

"Wife ko dikhana hai aap apna no dijiye me bahut presan hnu" - Ujjwal Mahato

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Dr. Sharmishtha Patras Clinic, BH-36, Sector-2, Near Kathgola, Opposite Bank of Baroda, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700091Â

9.13 km


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"need lady gynecologist phone No, who is available in Kanchrapara" - tapas pal

"Simply a great experience. Her knowledge in the subject and guidance helped us a lot. Besides she is very ethical and utmost caring towards her patients." - Anirban Biswas

"I have seen her as a very good doctor so far. She hits the proper diagonosis. My wife is still in her treatment for concieving complication. And we have complete faith on her to see our success! All we need to have some faith and patience.The rest is on the Almighty !! " - SUBHADEEP BANERJEE

"One of the best doctor I have ever interacted with. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, committed and ethical. Of course she is very strict if her guidance has not been strictly followed because of all right reason. Her advice has helped me a lot during my second pregnancy. Overall I have a very " - Mousumi Biswas

Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, 124, Mukundapur, Near Santoshpur Connector, E.M.Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700099Â

18.59 km

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"Mam plz sent me your chember address In chakdaha with contact number. Becoz I want to check up my wife." - Avijit Paul

"Mam plz send me your chember address and contact nomber. Because i want to check up my daughter.Mithilesh kumar gupta" - Mithilesh kumar gupta

Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, 124, Mukundapur, Near Santoshpur Connector, E.M.Bypass, Kolkata

18.59 km

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"Amer left hand a masale anek din jabot matra ti riktto phule ache" - Rakesh chakladar