What are aluminum sows

aluminum Aluminum opens up new fields of application

As you can hear at this trade fair, the CEOs are optimistic about the future, even though the aluminum industry is an industry that requires an extremely large amount of electricity for electrolysis. Because the fields of application for aluminum are increasing all the time. The metal is increasingly needed, especially in rail transport, in aviation and for the expansion of power grids. There is a reason for this: aluminum is only about half as heavy as normal steel. The trend towards weight savings benefits the aluminum price. The planned new economic stimulus program in China will also result in a large demand for aluminum. Even if China no longer imports aluminum at the moment.

The overcapacities and the very high inventories on the futures exchanges are more of a hindrance to a rising aluminum price. The aluminum stocks at the LME currently amount to around five million tons. A significant part of this is tied up through investment transactions. Because many investors rely on commodity futures for aluminum, in which the expected future spot price for the metal is lower than the forward price (contango). The aluminum price should therefore move at least sideways in the near future. It is entirely possible that the $ 2,000 mark will be tested again.

Anyone who already relies on aluminum should use discount certificates. Some offer discounts to the current price of four to five percent for terms up to spring / summer 2013 and high returns, provided that the aluminum price rises sharply again.