How to study for medical board exams

Recognition of exams

Exams are always subject to fixed regulations, but that is why an examination is by no means the same as an examination. If you want to change the university or course of study, you can have your previous achievements recognized. How do you explain how it works and what regulations there are for the recognition of exams!

Anyone who has already studied another course of study or at another university and successfully passed exams there can also have these recognized as exams. We explain here everything that can be recognized. The basis for the recognition of examinations are the provisions in ยง 78 of the University Law.

Exams passed with positive results

First of all, all positively passed exams can be recognized that you have acquired as a regular student at a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Germany or abroad. This educational institution must require the general university entrance qualification as an entry requirement. To be recognized, they have to correspond to the curriculum and you have to get the same or approximately the same ECTS credit points for the examination.

Non-university services

But not only exams can be recognized as an exam for the course. There are also other options, such as scientific or artistic work (depending on the degree) at non-university research institutions. If you want to complete parts of your studies abroad, you have to determine beforehand which exams abroad are equivalent to studying in Germany.

If the positive exam is recognized, the exam is also considered to be the start of the course (if you want to improve your grade after all).

If an application is made, a decision must be made in the first instance after two months at the latest. Since sometimes a lot is really credited, it makes perfect sense to try to have certificates or other skills that you have acquired credited.

The exact wording of the legal text can be called up via the legal information system of the Federal Chancellery.